Service CRM

5 Reasons Why A Service CRM Is A Must Have For Electronics And Appliance Businesses

Service CRM

The overpowering effect of great customer service was recently discovered when a study by American Express stated the “Close to 77% of customers were more likely to refer a friend to a brand if they were satisfied with customer support”.

While selling products that have a 5 to the 10-year life cycle, satisfied purchasers are more likely to evaluate more of a company’s offerings if their first purchase was satisfactory. Your product performance aside, impeccable customer support is the golden touch that will help you edge out your competition.



1 –  Annual Maintenance Contract and Warranty Notifications

Once a customer makes a purchase, the customer support software offers you the ability to update upcoming warranty and annual maintenance contract (AMC) dates. Once this is done, prior to renewal, agents receive a notification. They can then simply assign this ticket to your field force. The tickets can be assigned via SMS or an email. AMC and warranty tickets once assigned get a custom SLA period. In case of an SLA breach, the ticket gets auto escalated to higher management.

2 – Automate Service Request Assignments

When a customer sends you a service request – a ticket is created. While setting up the service CRM you can add your field force into the assignment category. This then allows your agents to assign the service request to a field force member. Once the ticket is assigned, the service engineer gets a notification is his mobile application. This notification would contain customer contact details, service location as well as details regarding the ticket that was raised.

3 – Faster Ticket Resolution

Service requests can be resolved quickly by the seamless integration between mobile CRM and customer service software. Once an agent reaches the service location and evaluates the issue, he can simply update the status of the ticket with the mobile CRM itself. For example – if the agent were servicing a coffee machine and found out that there is an issue with the hot water valve. He would update the mobile CRM for a replacement of the valve. Agents can then put in a request for a replacement and work towards resolving this ticket.

 4 – Multichannel Ticketing

Customers can reach out to you through their preferred channel of contact. The Omnichannel ticket inbox can receive queries through phone calls, emails, website forms, chats and social platforms. Agents can simply click into the ticket and respond to these queries from within the software. They can also assign tickets to on-field agents from here itself. The customer 360-degree tab gives your agents a snapshot of the history of your company’s conversations with customers. When a new ticket is raised from multiple channels by the same customer, the CRM unifies these queries into a single ticket thread.


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5 – One Click on Field Service Assignment

Field agents can receive notifications about tickets raised regarding spare part issues. As soon as a ticket arrives in the CRM, agents can instantly assign it to a field rep. Once they assign it, the field agents use the mobile app to update the status of the tickets. With the mobile application they can;

  • Reassign the ticket to another agent
  • Put in a request for replacement of electronic parts
  • Reassign the ticket to another department
  • Or simply close the ticket

Since the mobile application is integrated with the CRM, any updates made via the application are reflected in the application.


The Service CRM offers you the option to scale your business as you go even if you start small and then grow because the art of leaving customers with smiles that encourage repeat visits shall remain the major benefit of adopting a CRM

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