The Ultimate Guide To Why A Large Enterprise Should Switch To A CRM

Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises that made a shift to CRM solutions saw a 47% increase in their customer retention rates.
In fact, the ability to gain 360-degree ownership of customer data, market insights and seamless integration with other platforms make the CRM an ideal software for a large enterprise.


Lead Management

The CRM collects leads from multiple channels and shuttles them into a single inbox. The software can also be configured to auto-allocate leads to your sales team. Companies can set up keywords specific lead allocations. This means if an enquiry arrives about a certain product, the CRM scans the enquiry and allocates it to the concerned team.

Faster Ticket Resolution

Tickets arrive into the CRM’s Omnichannel ticket inbox. Multiple channels seamlessly get integrated within this single window. Tickets originating from website chats, forms, emails, phone calls or social posts are pushed straight into this inbox. Once the ticket arrives, the CRM auto allocates it to available agents online.

Business Intelligence

Since the CRM collects all data related to sales, support and service, it has the ability to generate reports on key metrics in a graphical/ excel format. You can also pick and choose the metrics you would like to see in the reports as well.

Employee Productivity

To judge the effectiveness of your sales and support operations, the following reports are available for analysis;

  • Agent Productivity Report
  • Ticket Analysis
  • Sales forecasts
  • Real-Time Lead Volume and much more

Central Data Repository

Large Enterprises with multiple locations will benefit from the ability to have location independent – cloud access to important customer data. The CRM can be accessed with a simple link and a login page. An admin can set up the CRM to allow access to only a few parties. This prevents data leakage or unauthorized access.

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Task Automation

Workflows can be built and discarded in minutes. The CRM offers it’s users a configuration panel where;

  • Reports can be enabled
  • API configurations with third-party platforms can be set up
  • Lead workflows can be arranged
  • Enquiry actions can be set up
  • Ticket fields can be configured and much more

Automate Support Operations

While setting up CRM, large enterprises can create separate folders for each department. These folders can be assigned to department heads as well. Once a ticket is created, the CRM auto assigns the ticket to the right department based on keywords in the ticket. Tickets can also be auto labelled as High Priority tickets based on keywords set up in each department folder.

Boost Sales

The best feature of the CRM is the ability to notify your sales team as soon as a lead arrives. The lead scoring tools can be used to tag leads based on buying interest. Team members can even mark the present status of the lead in your sales funnel as well. This is all possible within the customer 360-degree tab. Follow up notification can jolt your team into sifting through your lead pool for the right prospects.

Agent Shift Management

A round-robin model can be set up to ensure that customers always have an agent to interact with. The round-robin model allocates customers to agents based on their ticket volume and activity status.  In case an agent is dealing with multiple tickets, the CRM assigns the new support query to another agent. This ensures that you maximize your resources while ensuring the Customer satisfaction score remain high.


With the large volumes of data passing through the servers of a large enterprise, enterprise helpdesk software can seem like a major investment. In truth, implementing a CRM solution would greatly reduce overhead costs, because there is no setup fee, all servers are hosted by the provider and the company only needs to pay for the users on the software and they can scale up the user base as they grow.

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