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Why every company needs Omni-channel marketing strategy

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If you believe in in-person direct selling, you might be considered a simpleton and old-natured. Moreover, direct selling is incredibly challenging and presents new problems and growing responsibilities.

A direct sales software lets you manage your responsibilities and handle your sales.

Imagine a normal day out for a meeting; you left your office outfitted with a wonderful presentation and brimming with confidence. Once you reached the client location, you informed your sales manager. After the initial pleasantries, you start with your pitching and sales conversation.

Everything was going smoothly so far, but now you began to face some problems.

  • First of all, a successful presentation always substantiates by authentic information and documents. It’s not always possible to have or find all the documents in the middle of a meeting.
  • Secondly, you need to update your co-workers about the latest status of the deal, or at least, you have to send the MOM to the higher managements. But it seems next to impossible to give real time updates while traveling from one place to another.
  • Thirdly, hectic schedule and swarming appointments are likely to reduce the productivity of a salesperson and lead to lesser direct sales.

In the end, it’s usual for a salesperson to feel overwhelmed by the various requests. You may even give the client the feeling that you are disorganized and less-informed about your business.

A direct sales software could be a great tool to manage the above challenges.

High-performance sales organizations deploy sales team to be more effective at reaching their sales outcomes and driving better revenues.

Here are three necessary applications of a field CRM system that sales reps should use-

Information handling: Avail all necessary information on a per-demand basis

Let’s start with the primary challenge of a field sales rep.
Would you like to buy something from a person, who himself has no clarity about the product?
Obviously not!

Lack of information can increasingly dampen your client impression and decrease the chances of acquiring a customer.

At the same time, it’s unrealistic for the sales rep to have an industry knowledge-base.
So, don’t ever give the impression to your client that you are running out of information or documents. For this you need a safe storage space, where you can put all the information and product inventory.

direct sales management

CRM gives you the opportunity of uninterrupted access to the inventory from multiple locations, assuring your data won’t get lost. It offers you both – storage, and security.

Also, CRM dashboard can show all the client information, including professional and personal details, buying history and previous conversation summary. 61% of sales reps use CRM, as it allows direct access to customer data [Source HubSpot].

Instead of sifting through scattered digital and physical documents, you can simply look at your mobile CRM app and search different dashboards for the right information.

Report Management: Leverage your selling process with real-time reporting

The second problem comes after completing the meeting with the client. Now the salesperson has to inform the sales manager and other team members about the progress.

Logically, you cannot call up each and every team member, in order to update them about the meeting; neither can you delay the process. Delaying the process severely results in dwindling team collaboration and spirit.

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So, you need a real-time reporting app. You can update the MOM, deal status or payment status on your CRM dashboard through your smartphone, right after the meeting. Anybody who has access to the dashboard can get immediate information about the meeting.

GPS tracking: Now spot your nearby opportunity

Suppose, you just have completed a meeting and have nothing to do for the next couple of hours. How about utilizing this free time with a visit to the nearby client?

A cheerful visit will help you to improve client relationships. Reasonably, a face-to-face visit is more effective than emails and phone calls. But, how do you know about your nearby client?

Don’t worry! With field sales CRM tools now you can also search for the nearby client in your GPS.

direct sales management

You also arrange additional meetings or make necessary follow-ups by in-person interactions. This will improve your work productivity by increasing the possibility of lead conversion.

In fact, sales teams across all organizations saw a 15% increase in productivity when they used CRM mobile apps. As the sales productivity upsurges, it equally helps to increase revenue by 41% per each salesperson [Source: HubSpot].

So, with the field sales CRM software you can also resolve the productivity issue, which happens to be one of the main challenges of salespeople.

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Sales representatives have a demanding job. They spend almost their whole day on the road, dealing with a myriad of clients, and constantly working to cross-sell and up-sell.

By nature, good field sales reps are independent thinkers, who are driven by a virtually instinctive need to compete and win. These natural salespeople make selling, a part of their living, and make much of their life about selling.

Even such natural sales reps face these three difficulties while attending a meeting. Sales CRM system gives them the opportunity to show their actual potential. It helps to save more time and aids in increasing sales opportunities.

Are you looking for a suitable field sales CRM software for your sales team?

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  1. Wow! CRM in omnichannel envirnoment – expressed very insight fully.
    That’s the difference between multichannel and omnichannel CRM strategies. While one needs to be perfect in its specified medium, the other needs to be master of all the mediums and provide uniform brand experience to its customers. Seamless shopping experience can be created only with seamless merging of different mediums of CRM. The focus of the CRM needs to be redefined to create effective omnichannel experience.
    What is equally important is that the retail operations need to be streamlined to increase productivity. Increased efficiency in operations ensure the marketing activities make substantial impact on the customers.

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