CRM software for education

How CRM software for education helps in recruiting the right candidates?

CRM software for education

The field of education has frequently come under the impression that it hasn’t changed in the last 400 years. In the same time period, even the flimsiest human activity has undergone unrecognizable changes. But as critical as it, the educational system has the same desk-table protocols that have been established centuries ago…

Very well, the situation is now rapidly changing and evolving!

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are now experiencing drastic changes. Students are now more demanding than ever. They demand complete authorities and teachers on request. As a result, educational institutes are turning to advanced technologies, so that they can cater to this increasing demand in an efficient way.

Exactly so, HEIs are now developing a “student-as-customer” standpoint to provide the best educational experiences. Hence, they are now moving forward to adopt Customer Relationship Management software’s for their organizations.

An educational CRM system helps institutions to have an all-inclusive perspective on students´ needs, collecting customer knowledge from the student interaction phases (admission, registration, fee payment, and course conclusion).

Facts that explain present educational system

Today’s educational trends are amplified with a number of factors:

– Increasing Tuition and consequently increased expectations

– A multi-billion demand for schooling and higher education

– Growing usage of online education and educational technology

– New business models of education emerging from Asia

Nowadays, students are getting accustomed to online information, reviews, and enquiries. But, as per different surveys, 54% of web-based students’ inquiries did not get a response! Due to the high number of unanswered student enquiries, one could assume that many first-year students will begin their term with a lack of clarity.

So, HEIs need to streamline operations, cut costs and improve management to enhance revenue generation activities.

Here are some key benefits of using CRM for education sector-

Create a complete holistic management system

A higher education CRM system is usually intended to serve three basic audiences:

  1. Prospective students
  2. Current students
  3. Alumni/Donors

Besides, it has a key role in employee management and workflow automation. So, it leverages the college/university management body with an all-inclusive system.

Design and empower student lifecycle

A student’s lifecycle begins once the student gets enrolled. Then comes the student retention phase, which revolves around monitoring students’ progress and monitor their needs. The entire cycle ends when a student gets the degree and becomes an alumnus.

crm for educational institutions

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The educational CRM fortifies the Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) with remarkable engagement across all touch points in the student experience. It enriches student interactions by setting up personalized communication channels that will instantly deliver assessable results. This allows you to be well-versed in decision making.

Simplify and manage the admission process

CRM software offers the opportunity to manage the complete student admission process from one single workstation. You can store all the information on your CRM dashboard, be it course and program name, admission data, complete details of student’s batch and roll number, previous academic records or parent’s contact detail – all you need to complete the admission process.

The education CRM lets you streamline the process of shortlisting candidates. It also allows them to engage in improving the enrollment results.

Discover potential students for future enrollment

An educational institution is only as good as its reputation. The reputation of an educational institution is determined by its students. In this situation, it becomes centrally important to attract and enroll the students of the highest caliber.

Aided by the convenience and constant access to mobile devices, especially smartphones, 92% of teens report going online daily – counting 24% who say they go online ‘almost constantly’, according to the research conducted by Pew Research Center.

crm software for higher education

Apparently, students are now relying more on online information and social media reviews. The CRM system for education comes with integrated tracking tools that allow you to track leads through multiple engagement platforms, including various social channels and Gmail.

[Know more about prospective student engagement here]

Deliver rapid responses to student enquiries

Integrating the social channels (like Facebook and Twitter), Gmail and Outlook with your system enable you to receive all the notification on a single platform. That is how you can never miss out any students’ enquiry and provide rapid responses to resolve their issues.

This increases the chances of getting more potential students with an excellent student communication system.

Focus on building a long-lasting alumni relationship

‘Alumnus are assets to every educational institution. They make the institution recognizable across society and nourish the aspirations of future students.

So, it’s crucial to keep in touch with your ex-students. With all the students’ contacts available on our CRM system, you can keep them informed of your achievements and make them part of your institution’s future, not just it is past.

By having an automated system to manage your alumnus, you can directly find students who make a large difference in society. This allows you to invite them back or ask them to mentor selected students. This helps you build a future line of successful students.

This also helps existing students define their career goals and deliver crucial networking support to transition from graduation to employment. They can also find future funds for your institution.


Internal engagement and empowerment are getting more and more significant due to the public facing nature of young students. Each member of your institution is a marketer for the university/college. So, it’s crucial to ensure that they are aligned with the values of your institution.

Institution-wide, completely integrated systems are still in the initial stages of adoption in India. However, there are major advantages of integrated CRM systems, which will undoubtedly encourage higher educational institutes to move in that direction, as they get more comfortable with technologies.

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