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Track and Follow your Latest Sales Progress

The successful sales teams operate based on close collaboration and slick decision making capability. Kapture CRM sales activity tracker lets you track and take productive decisions about your sales progress across locations. The GPS-enabled Mobile App lets you view real-time updates on sales rep locations, meeting progress, ongoing negotiations and closures.

Real-time Location Tracking

Get a bird’s eye view of your on-field representatives

Individually tracking multiple sales processes can quickly get tedious. Kapture CRM combines accurate real-time GPS Positioning along with sales reporting updates to keep tab on each sales representative. Be straight forward at evaluating your sales progress!

Sales Tracking System
GPS Based Sales Tracking Software

Route Viewer

Know why your sales representatives are where they are

Create individual employee daily plans to attend maximum number of customers or prospects. Kapture route planner lets you add new meetings to the individual responsibility of a sales rep.

Customer graphs

Find customers near you

On-field sales executives can view existing customers’ location within a 3-kilometre radius. You can view customer-specific details like frequency of visits, date of visits, transactional history etc. This allows sales representatives to plan their upcoming visits.

Location Tracking System CRM


Sales is pretty unsettled for most part of the year and a sales tracking app with gps is a given, where growth is sought after. Following up on sales deals quickly turns into mayhem, especially when there are one too many leads and the stakes are high on each. A sales rep tracking app uses gps to give you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field. The sales tracker is implemented on a route viewer and on customer graphs which goes to show that gps tracking is not just a feature but a real collaborative solution for sales.
Kapture offers a crm based sales tracking app with real-time notifications not just for sales reps, but also for meetings, negotiations, and closures. Armed with regular updates, sales teams are not left scrambling for follow-ups, instead are focused on taking decisions keeping productivity at the forefront. With the sales tracker, you can use GPS positioning for daily route plan creation and to plan visits centred around nearest customers.