Why Kapture’s Real Time is your White Knight?

Customer Service Management

Sales reps can easily be touted as your businesses’ superheroes as only they can keep any Pandora’sbox from showing itself. But, there’s only so much they can do. They are humans after all, aren’t they? Thus, the key here is to keep things interesting, to turn a potential prospect into a loyal customer.Comfort and customers go hand in hand. Treat your customers, right; and they will see you till the end. Just like the first five seconds of a date gives a hint of how the next hour is going to turn out; similarly,if you don’t bring worth to your customers’ time, you may as well bid them goodbye!

So, what brings power to your Customer Relationship Management? Notifications.Unlike the notifications you receive when your friend tags you in a meme, these are the ones which are significant. Whether it is your sales team, support team or your customers, giving them a real-time experience might just mean a huge loyal customer base and obviously, big bucks!

The easiest way to serve your customers better, is to know them. The Kapture CRM offers you a plethora of real-time features which prove to be a white knight in keeping your customers close. Whenever something important knocks the door involving your process, we are there to notify you to respond quick and easy. Whether it is a new lead assigned, or an email pop up,Kapture has got your back.

Follow-up reminders:

The secret of turning a prospect lead into a successful customerlies in timely follow-ups. The importance of follow-ups is undeniable, as published on Brevet, “80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting.” When a contact remains idle for a long time, you can set reminders to provide you with smart alerts. Whether you are in front of your desktop or in the field, the Kapture mobile app will make sure you get your follow-up reminder well in time to call your customer, without logging onto your dashboard. It gives your employees the possibility to work from any place on any device of their choosing.

Updates on CRM Records:

When a single CRM has multiple users, it is normal to miss out on a few changes made with respect to progress of the same, unless you have a hawk eye. But, with Kapture’s record alteration updates, you can keep track of the new changes made onto any account which is imperative to you.

Automatic Lead Assignment:

A customer’s time is just as valuable as the sale. The conversion requires both top-notch technology and manual labor to run smoothly. Especially, as a manager it is impossible for you to manually assign leads to an available rep. So, Kapture does it for you. With effective algorithms to the rescue, the leads are automatically assigned within no time.

A good employee is a boon, but great software is a gift. With smooth push notifications, Kapture CRM can help grow your business.

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