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Customer-First: What Is It And Why Should You Care?

Maintaining the pace at which a market works and how businesses cope up is a challenge, with the competition increasing and innovative startups coming forward to takeover is something existing businesses should be ready to tackle.

But the question is how to do that?

The first and foremost necessary task for any business is to meet their customer expectations in the present and foreseeable future. ‘Customer first’ implies that a corporation prioritizes the demands of its customers over all other considerations which in return helps with delightful customer relationships and increased customer retention. 

49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience – Segment Survey

A customer-first business aims to comprehend the wants and requirements of the people who use its product or service and then changes to meet those demands. Customer-first is defined as a business that designs its products, customer support service, and overall strategy with the customer in mind. It’s a strategy that places customers at the center of everything a company does.

Invest time on Customer First Experience

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Customer First Approach: Segmented Areas Contributing to Better CX

Customers are increasingly turning to competitors who demonstrate that they value them individually instead of being driven by the demands of the mass. It’s likely that a majority of your competitors have already implemented a customer-first tactical methodology or have a strong customer interaction strategy. Recognizing the value of a customer-focused community as well as how to approach customer-first is essential if you don’t want to surrender your market share to competitors.

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience PWC

Here are a few customer-first strategies to help you get started in the best possible way:

1.) Business Ideology

A significant amount of focus should be given while framing the ideologies which help powerful businesses, as well as the customers, get a formal direction regarding the selection of the product or services. It helps in understanding the value creation which has been provided for their demands. One of the most effective methods to achieve a breakthrough is to guarantee that your customer-first strategy is at the center of your management style. The smartest method to achieve this objective is to incorporate it into the strategic goals of the company.

2.) Constant Research & Implementation

Customers’ tastes and preferences are never fixed on one item, as they keep on changing. The variety of products and services that join the market on a daily basis forces them to reconsider their judgments about whether or not to invest in certain business products or services. Businesses gain confidence when they present a thorough explanation based on thorough research and knowledge of the customer’s preferences, as well as how they can provide a unique experience while executing the same.

Learning about the market and your customers’ changing wants can help you create designs and features that support trends and attract a variety of customers who are all searching for a change or a better experience.

Constant Research & Implementation

3.) Simplicity, Not Complexity

Customers are curious about a lot of things; it can be a new feature they want to opt for but are not sure of its working nature or it can be a module that will enhance their webpage acceleration. But when things are explained in a haphazard manner, it just vagueness with their thinking process and they get confused. This impacts your business and agent capability because customers should always get a simplified version that is easy to understand. Therefore, offered solutions should be quick and easy to comprehend.

4.) Augmented Agility

Customers want service that guides them through the process quickly and is based on linear thinking so that they don’t have to wait long. Because we are constantly evolving, this strategy necessitates flexibility and adaptive responses from the agents. The average individual has a 19-minute concentrate period and a 12-second attention span. As a result, it’s only natural that as we progress, we want things to move quickly, including the services.

5.) Personalized

Personalization helps to curate and develop things that are required on the personal front, without additional overloading. It directly influences more customer retention with 72% of the people interacting first-hand when a personalized message is forwarded to them and a 5% increase in signing a new contract.

6.) Discounts & Rewards

Offering discounts and rewards to customers is one of the best ways to strengthen relationships. Now, discounts and rewards are a good deal in itself but if personalized, the relationship can go a really long way. 

For example; instead of saying a certain % off on a certain product, an agent can say a certain % off cause we value you as our customer. A simple sentence like this can not only strengthen the trust but also makes your customers smile. Something that every business should strive for.

Offering discounts and rewards in Customer first policy

7.) Be Patient & Listen

When a client and an agent communicate, the voice of the customer (VoC) is an important factor to consider. In between the customer’s statements, an agent should always be patient and not hurry into explanations. The complaints or questions must be causing them more problems than they anticipated, therefore it’s best to wait and provide them a detailed overview of alternative solutions only after listening to the entire message.

8.) Availability

Customers that contact the contact center frequently through different channels express how they feel and find it easy to communicate as they know whom to reach. Finding a healthy balance between customer expectations and agent experience can help the productivity levels. Agent Availability refers to an agent’s capacity to focus on the work at hand while still adhering to Service Level goals. What agents are expected to do in response to client inquiries on a regular basis is how customers will know we genuinely care about them and value their presence.

Customer First: A Continuous Priority

Customers are demanding more and more every day in today’s fast-paced world. Companies can only survive and thrive if they provide excellent customer service and proactively try to enhance their customers’ lives.

Implementing simple steps and putting your customers first can help take your customer support game to the next level. 

At Kapture CRM, we are constantly evolving, implementing customer feedback to be the company they want us to be and this is what makes us a business that offers delightful customer support and makes our customers smile.

If this is something that you want your business to offer, then our product experts can help you. Talk to our product squad by scheduling a demo with us here.

Book your demo today and mark your brand’s identity in this competitive market with efficient CRM software.

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