Improving CX by Harnessing Customer Interactions on Social Media Platforms

Social media channels have become an inevitable part of our daily lives and they have played a major role in boosting businesses with efficient customer service. With the emergence of multiple digital media platforms, customers reach out to brands through their preferred medium (chat, call, mail, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, etc) and expect businesses to respond accurately. 

Both social media and customer service was initially intended for two purposes. But thanks to the booming technology when coupled together social media customer service is one of the best strategies for customer-centric enterprises to enhance their customer experience.

With CRM’s like Kapture that provides an intelligent Omnichannel support system that integrates queries from multiple platforms onto a single dashboard, a productive social media customer service strategy is everyone’s piece of cake now. Now the question is:

How can social media improve customer interaction?

Leveraging social media the right way can build brand awareness, maintain healthy relationships, enhance customer experience, and promote fruitful sales. 

According to research, “67% of consumers have engaged a brand’s social media for customer service needs.” 

That’s a fairly good amount of people and quite good exposure for your brand. Social media is a platform where multiple customers can post or enquire about a specific brand. This is a great way to understand the exact customer pain points and provide solutions accordingly. With social media channels interacting with the right target audience is quick, easy, and productive. 

Here are a few ways to ensure your social presence that improves customer experience.

  • Omnichannel Support System: Businesses must be available on multiple platforms and provide effective customer interactions in every channel. Social media is a 24*7 platform and customers expect to get responses on a real-time basis. Kapture CRM provides an efficient  Omnichannel support system that integrates multiple platforms and directs every query onto a single dashboard. By providing instant solutions for customer queries, no matter which channel they choose, brands have a chance to enhance their customer experience. 

  • Post Targeted Content: One of the best ways to ensure your social presence on digital platforms is to post relevant content, photos, videos, articles, or advertisements on social media channels. This content if customized using relevant customer data collected from social listening can attract the attention of potential customers as well as new customers and turn them into leads. 
  • Social Listening and Brand monitoring: Businesses need to adopt certain tools or strategies to analyze and monitor their online presence. This ensures that you value your customers and can provide real-time accurate conversations.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening, as it sounds, is listening to your customers on various digital media platforms. Social listening is how businesses monitor their social media channels to track and analyze online presence with customer feedback, brand mentions, specific industry keywords, or conversations related to your industry. This method is used by most customer-centric businesses in researching their audience and finding the best strategy to provide a smooth customer experience. 

Social listening is an effective and easy strategy that brands can inculcate in their business intelligence strategies. So, let’s see some of the benefits of using social listening to improve your customer experience.

  • Real-Time Engagement: Instant and accurate replies are what customers expect from businesses. According to Statista, “47% of US consumers have a more favorable view of brands that respond to customer service questions or complaints on social media.” People often post images or tweet while they discuss a specific brand. This also helps in enhancing customer experience, as customers receive what they exactly want, at the right time on their preferred platform. 
  • Competitor analysis: Along with tracking your industry’s social presence. Social listening is an effective strategy to stay watertight in this competitive world. By tracking hashtags and buzzwords, businesses can analyze what drives customer loyalty and implement new strategies.
  • Initiate effective campaign management: Advertising in social media has a different level of reach especially when it comes to customized marketing campaigns. Social listening coupled with CRM’s like Kapture that automates personalized marketing campaigns and email marketing, brands can easily assess the quality and impact of their campaign ideas to make necessary changes. 

Which Social Media platforms are better for customer service?

Answering this question is not as simple as it sounds. With advancements in technology new and versatile social media platforms emerge day by day. Businesses need to choose their social media marketing strategy and ensure an online presence in every popular platform, some of which are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

Now you know how digital customer engagement can boost your business. Digital platforms are evolving so as your customer’s expectations. To keep up with the latest trends and provide accurate customer service leverage the benefits of an excellent CRM like Kapture. 

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