What is customer service vision statement

Want To Write An Inspiring Customer Service Vision Statement? Let’s Show You How It’s Done!

“That’s what she said”
“I am the danger”

Rings a bell, right? While reading these profound quotes/lines, you could establish that connection with the situation or person involved, isn’t it?
Got back from the office and met with friends and now am breaking bad, for those who are still clueless.

Well, our objective is to direct you towards essential statements that help your customer service agents (and other internal employees as well) relate with your brand or organization, which could be put forth as Mission & Vision statements. However, in this blog, we shall be discussing the vision statement from a customer service standpoint.

What is a customer service vision statement?

A customer service statement or philosophy handholds your help desk agents/employees to interact with customers, thereby bringing in more closures and fostering longer-term relationships i.e. it is a statement that defines the purpose of customer service and type of customer service employees are expected to provide the customers with.

Good customer service visions are easily understood and also describe the type of service that a brand strives to provide to its customers. Further, it also reflects the present scenario of the brand along with future aspirations.

A good vision statement along with delightful customer service goes a long way in influencing customers to keep coming back for more. Just like when you hear your favorite character’s dialogue at any point of time and are able to draw a reference to the TV show or the particular episode. 

A classic vision brings with it a great brand recall.

Advantages of having a customer service vision statement

Enveloped are many reasons as why a brand must create a customer service vision statement. Right from keeping employees strategically aligned to their work to delivering personalized experiences, this unifying force ensures that you are always on the right track.  

A vision statement is an effective tool that directs the organization’s teams, investors, stakeholders, employees towards a shared purpose. These are statements that not only lay the right path but also provide guidance in regard to strategic decisions, as and when required. 

In fact, recent studies have observed that highly aligned businesses grow faster by a significant 58% and are 72% more profitable than the ones that are misaligned or unaligned. 

Motivated enough to give it a try? Enlisted below are ways you can adopt to write a vision statement 

1. Keep it crisp yet meaningful

Short is memorable and eventually stays on top of mind. The best vision statements embody massive brand values in that one small sentence, thereby resonating with internal employees, customers, shareholders and others.

‘Easy to read’ is what sustains in the longer run, both for customers as well as the customer service personnel.

2. Associate the vision with every facet of your business

Accumulate and evaluate all the core values of your company to know how your business has been interacting with communities and the environment at large. Gaining this perspective can assist your vision to reflect the organizational culture by also keeping it aligned with it.

Involve every department to lend a hand towards the construction of the vision statement.

3. Associate the vision with future centric goals and milestones

A lot of brainstorming should revolve around a future directive i.e. a vision statement should definitely reflect a future objective that the organization is wanting to achieve. Projecting the brand aspiration through the customer service vision statement helps build trust and customer loyalty.

4. Let the set vision empower everybody in the organization

Visions go a long way only when everybody speaks the same language. Encourage your employees to pursue a sense of belongingness through this vision. Let them feel amicable towards the vision statement and let it be communicated right to the customers and other patrons.

As per a renowned study, employees who consider their organization’s vision meaningful show engagement levels 52% higher than employees who do not.

5. Write the statement and introduce it to the world

Now that we’ve inspired you enough, it’s time to make an impact. Jot down the many meanings, derivations and explanations to form concise word/sentence structures. You can then mutually decide on the best combination and frame it. 

We also recommend you keep revisiting your vision statement and revise it as per need or ongoing trends. Running periodic checks is essential.

The 2 major types of Vision Statements

From a customer support standpoint, vision statements can be bifurcated into two categories as follows –

1.) CS Vision

Pivots around what the organization or brand is trying to accomplish

  • Examples of inspiring customer service vision statements 
  1. The Ritz Carlton

“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

       2. USAA

“Service. Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity.”

2.) CX Vision

Pivots around how a brand or business wants its product or service to be perceived or experienced

  • Examples of inspiring customer experience vision statements 
  1. Netflix

“Becoming the best global entertainment distribution service.”

       2. Starbucks

“Treat people like family, and they will be loyal and their all.”

3. Microsoft

“To help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.”

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