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Get to know your customers through Kapture 360 degree client overview

Think you know your Customer? :  Kapture 360 degree Client overview gives other ideas.

Customers are important part of any business.  There can never be too much emphasis on its customers.  Customers are the foundation of any business’ success.  Whatever your product is, however good it is, it wouldn’t matter if you are not targeting the correct customer base. One needs to understand that the customers’ needs are at the center of every successful business. It is very important to organize your customer-base smartly. For understanding your customer it is important to have all the relevant information about the customer.

Customer profiling is very important part of your business because it helps you in understanding your customers better. Excel only accommodates partial information, like name number, address etc. There will be times when you will require when did the customer last purchase, or when does a client usually purchase services. Excel cannot provide you with such information. Excel will fail you in such a situation, but not Kapture. Kapture can be customized according to client requirements. It can even help you in creating your marketing strategies.

Better Customer Profiling:

Customer profiling is a more systematic and consistent way of collecting information which helps you get closer to your customer and have a better all-round knowledge. You can also send various other profile information for customer improvement.


You can also classify your customer based on customized parameters. Through Kapture CRM you can classify your clients based on the set criteria. They can be differentiated on the basis of location, mode of payments, payment structure, history of payments etc. You can also prioritize after selecting the selected filters. You can also classify the customers based on the particular industries, because we provide Kapture services to Real Estate, Hotels, FMCG and Banking.

More Prospective Clients:

The customer profiling by Kapture CRM differentiates between the acquired and prospective customers, so that you can allot more resources to the later. This customer data can be filtered through different parameters and can be used to identify the point of contrast that disrupted a buying decision. Now you can take more informed decision about your prospective leads.

Easy Access To Data:

The Kapture CRM helps you store and retrieve all your client data and information including email, name, contact number, customer preference, previous purchases etc. For every customer you can view the date of purchase, time since last purchase and purchase frequency. You can view all this information whenever you want and wherever you want. This is because Kapture is a cloud based CRM software which helps in you in better and safer storage of your data.

Know what your customers want :

The profiling of customers helps you assimilate and understand and acquire the market information. You can understand the demand of your customers, which will in turn help you tweak your product and services to cater to that demand. This will help you sell your product better. Higher sales will lead to higher turnover.

Focused Marketing Strategies:

The customer profiling can be used to assess the choice and demands of your customer. The profiling can also help you formulate new innovative marketing strategies and create catchy marketing messages. It will also help you target your customer base with a marketing strategy which would be dedicated to them.

This is how Kapture helps you in a number of ways, and helps you understand your customers and your business in better ways, and do a world of good for you and your business.


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