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Advance reporting CRM – 5 important reports to improve your business

Managing Your Leads

Managing the whole and sole of your business more often than not becomes a hectic task now, doesn’t it? One bad move or one wrong decision can leave your venture in a spot of bother. Tracking your business in every step is as important as making the right decisions for it. To help you maintain the smooth functioning and avoid the everyday hassles of your business, we bring you ‘Kapture’ cloud based CRM software.

Kapture is basically an ingenious cloud based sales CRM platform, which puts all your operational hassles to vain. Below listed are five CRM reports insights that will help you maintain smooth functioning of your business in the longer run.

Daily Leads

You often use different portals to generate leads, which help you expand your business, but how many of them actually pan out? Couldn’t get the numbers, right? Not anymore! CRM reports helps you analyze your daily leads that flow in through several portals you’ve invested with and also helps you keep a track of it. With the help of daily leads report, you can minimize your investments and focus on the portals that actually fetch you results.

Daily Sales Report (DSR)

Daily Sales Report (DSR) makes managing your business easier. Gone are the days of maintaining files loaded with documents, which used to make work more hectic. Update your business with Kapture CRM software and gain access to all your business reports in no time. One major benefit of maintaining daily sales report on CRM software is that it helps you sell more and worry less. What are you waiting for? Focus on closing more deals and let CRM do the rest.

Expense Management

Expense management reports help you simplify tracking business expenses against the actual sales. Often tracking minor expenses in business becomes hectic but with CRM, management and planning just gets easier! From the revenue growth to the return-on-investment, CRM helps you keep an eye on profitability and growth of your business. Your sales team can maintain sales report while on field, with the convenience of their mobile devices. Get access on Kapture CRM software and make your every expense count.

Product Management

Product management reports help you measure the actual amount of products your company sells. Be it product weights & sizes, production chronologies or production version data, these reports help you learn more about your products in a quick glance.

Daily Plan

As the name suggests, the Daily plan insight in a CRM is very basic and simple, but is still very crucial to the planning, management, marketing and execution strategies of a business. Right from the appointment setting for various clients to scheduling detailed tasks and from a sales personnel’s dashboard to a detailed manager’s dashboard, the daily plan feature has it all. Important alerts for various lead based transactions can also be updated and managed by sales personnel, in the least time consuming manner.

With Kapture CRM reports and analytics, managing your business activities becomes easier and gives you ample space to plan your business efficiently and effortlessly.

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