The Key to Crafting Profitable Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the ultimate way to guide cold traffic down a hole of value-driven bites of faith at the end of which your offer is in front of qualified leads.

A sales funnel not only disqualifies prospects who are not ready to purchase- but also attracts the right set of eyeballs on a core offer.

Why Do Sales Funnels Fail? A Lack of Prospect Empathy

As a lead moves through the various stages of a funnel, he begins to feel that his pain point is slowly evolving into a solution with your advice.

Funnels that pitch core offers too fast and too early tend to alienate prospects by displaying a lack of pain point empathy.

The Key to Successful Funnels – Belief

The domino of belief tends to make it easier for the prospect to eliminate buyer’s remorse and aids him with the emotional pictures needed to visualize the perfect solution to his problem.

The solution needs to be oversimplified and must lead to an emotional epiphany on how easy it could be to achieve a goal related to your product.

A weight loss product could create a webinar on a Slow Carb Nutrition for people who work full-time jobs. They could then pitch an e-book on the best recipes and then they could offer personal coaching.

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How CRM Sales Funnel Unifies And Strategizes Your Sales EffortsHow To Create Efficient And Simple Sales Funnel CRM?

The emotional epiphany this bodybuilding product is trying to sell is transformation.Let’s assume the target market for this product was bodybuilders who worked full-time jobs looking for quick recipes that they can dish up on the way to work.

As a lead enters the funnel with hopes of getting access to a few quick recipes, he soon believes the company is the ideal solution to helping him balance a full-time job with healthy nutrition.

This feeling of transformation needs to be broken down into value ladders as each prospect qualifies his immediate need for information by entering different phases of the funnel.


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1. The Two-Step Funnel

This funnel breaks a product down into several bite-sized pieces of information – like a “How to” guide.

The first bite of belief is offered to cold traffic in the form of a lead page offering an e-book on this tripwire offer, the price of this e-book? Just an email address

The next step of this funnel is the core offer.

This simple two-step funnel is best served for products in the range of $7 to $27.


2. The Free Plus Shipping Funnel

This funnel performs best on social advertisements. The word “free” will attract a mad Click-through Rate upwards of 5.2% in the writer experience.

These offers are meant to create a Yes response.

The goal of the first step of the funnel is to convince a prospect to order a product at the cost of shipping anywhere between $6.99 to $9.99.

The next step is to re-target this audience with display advertisements re-pitching this offer as 72% of cold traffic results in abandoned carts.

Once a prospect is encouraged by an abandoned cart email sequence, along with re-targeting, we pitch them our core offer.

An effective email sequence is a key to this funnel, as we want to continue to build belief in the eyes of our prospects that we are the solution to his pain points.


3. The Paid Webinar Funnel

Webinars are a great platform to demonstrate authority as well as engage with potential customers.

The first step of this funnel would be a sign for $1 webinar where you reveal three secrets around your core offering.

Once a user registers and attends this webinar, we begin email communications on a Free Trial of our core offering.

Free trials are key here because we need to keep the bargaining chip in the customers’ favour for the time being with “try before you buy” offers.



The key element to a sales funnel is consistent traffic. Unless we put our offer in front of live eyeballs, we won’t understand what kind of emotional triggers lead to registrations and purchases.

Hyper Niche Targeting through Facebook advertisements with smaller daily budgets that grow as our funnel conversion increases should be the ultimate goal.



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