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Sales Acceleration, Simplified

Accelerate your sales pipeline with better sales processess

Start automating and augmenting your sales processess to deliver better sales results. Usually, a successful deal closure is a result of multiple customer interactions at the right time with the right intent. Kapture sales acceleration software helps you get those interactions right by managing all parts of your customer interactions. Now achieve a better sales outcome smoother, faster...

Be comprehensive with managing your sales opportunities

Kapture sales software lets you streamline all opportunities in a single dashboard. This enables you to streamline different opportunities that increases your chances of closing individual deals.

  1. Manage all incoming lead opportunities in real-time
  2. Automate lead assigment and responses
  3. Align marketing and sales processess
  4. Generate customer-specific custom invoices
  5. Streamline and accelerate deal closures

Sales funnel

Manage your opportunities visually

Graphically visualize all your leads and their current stage in the leads pipeline. With a sales funnel report, understand how your leads are moving through the pipeline and eliminate bottlenecks to streamline the process.

Sales Funnel
Sales Acceleration Software

Enquiry actions

Action for lead conversion

Easily view all your enquiries and their status on a single dashboard, and take appropriate actions – schedule and complete meetings, send emails and quotations, attach brochures or catalogues, etc. – to resolve them effectively.

Sales follow-ups

Closure is important

Actively follow-up your leads as they progress through a stage in the sales pipeline. Set down follow-up dates for each lead, and maximize your chances of converting your leads into customers.

Sales Management follow-ups
custom email templates

Email templates

Faster is more efficient

Improve your communications with custom email templates. Create templates for opening a conversation, responding to your customers’ enquiries or sending a sales pitch mailer. Deliver emails by automatically filling the email with the relevant customer, order and product information.