Smart Training Tips

Smart Training Tips for On-Boarding New Service Agents

If you are a service desk manager, you will know that onboarding new service agents to your helpdesk is a daunting task with a load of factors that need to be considered:

  • Every new joining individual has a different learning curve.
  • It takes time for every new agent to be familiarised with the process. – Early-stage mistakes are a given.
  • Onboarding new agents directly impact real-time customer satisfaction.

It’s a known fact that organising extended training sessions for your new hires is not feasible since agent attrition is high for service desks.

As such, it’s important to take the smart route to train with brief, smart, and concentrated sessions with regular knowledge checks in place to ensure that support agents are aware and armed with regular process updates to tackle every issue that comes their way.

We put together a list of smart training tips that you can use to onboard new service agents to your helpdesk:

1. Gift Them the Key to Invaluable Knowledge:

A good service agent must be equipped to take on challenges as they come by, and this is the kind of mindset that you must cultivate among your helpdesk agents.

Whenever you on-board a new service agent to your team, give them access to a knowledge base portal with a repository of FAQ’s that they can instantly refer to. Minimize panic situations for new service agents where they are constantly seeking help from seniors and boost their confidence, several notches up.

2. Flash News to Save the Day:

With your helpdesk operating across multiple locations, the only way to bring new service agents on the same page as experienced agents are to run a flash news ticker tape across their knowledge base portal with fresh and regular process updates. This is a smart way to prepare newbies in real-time without reserving any special training time.

3. Take a Trip and Arrive at the Right Answer:

With service experience and real-time resolution at stake, new agents cannot afford to waste time searching for the right answer to customer queries and the right series of steps for resolving an issue.

With an interactive flow chart, new agents can journey across a series of yes or no questions to queries as they interact with customers to learn more about an issue. The decision tree eventually takes them to the right resolution, leaving agents with the confidence to independently handle complex queries, right from the start.

4. A Safe Place to Share Knowledge:

Set up employee forums where your new agents can smoothly discuss process updates with their peers or managers across offices in multiple locations. With easy access to knowledge sharing within the team, new agents adapt to the support process much faster, without additional training.

5. Train and Test them on the Go:

With daily support targets to be met, there’s hardly any time to conduct physical training and tests. Set up a learning management system for your new agents and roll out training manuals and online tests for them as they support your customers.


A knowledge management system + learning management system is the complete package for training your new support agents in smart ways. Create an efficient and productive onboarding process for your new hires and watch them ace at supporting customers with every ticket.

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