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Unite Multi Location Service Centers with Kapture CRM for Faster Customer Ticket Resolution

Kapture CRM introduces a new module that can help electronics and appliance service centres track, manage and validate tickets resolved by field service agents on a unified dashboard.

This new service module;

1. Automatically creates new service requests originating from multiple platforms that are collected into an omnichannel ticket inbox.

2. These tickets are then manually/automatically tagged onto customer profiles.

3. The tickets can then be either manually or automatically assigned to field agents based on parameters.

4. Field service agents can view tickets on a mobile app and then create job cards based on the work that needs to be done.

5. After they resolve a ticket, customers are sent an OTP via and email or SMS to validate the successful resolution of the ticket.

How Does Kapture CRM for Service Center Collect Service Request into an Omnichannel Inbox

With the help of a number of integrations, Kapture CRM can collect on-demand-service-requests from different channels via a unified dashboard. These service requests are generated from a number of platforms like;

1. Website forms

2. Call centre operations

3. Chat & Chatbots

4. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter

5. And direct calls through a cloud telephony integration

6. Or from customers directly walking into service centres. When this happens service centre employee can create the ticket

Once a customer sends across a request from any of these channels, the CRM creates a customer profile and then the software auto attaches these tickets to existing customers based on the registered phone number or email that had been entered at the time of purchase.

In case a call or an email is received from an unregistered contact, support agents can reach out to these customers from the CRM. Once they contact them, they can ask them to provide their registered phone number, order id or email address – a post which the CRM pulls up buyer information.

Once this happens a ticket is created.

How Does Kapture CRM for Service Centers Assign Tickets to Field Agents

Once a ticket is created, it can be assigned to a field agent manually or automatically.

Tickets are assigned to field agents based on;

1. Product speciality

2. Zone assigned

3. Or Pin code being serviced

Once the ticket is assigned, an SLA is set. Field agents need to visit customers within this time period to avoid an SLA BREACH

How Do Field Service Agents Resolve Service Requests with the Mobile App

Once a field service agent arrives at the customer location. He/She;

1. Logs into the mobile application and marks attendance. Kapture CRM’S geotagging facility pulls up the GPS pin of the service agent’s present location.

2. They can then look at the ticket assigned to them in the application, which details all the information on the request from the customer.

3. He then evaluates the product and then raises a request for spare parts from the mobile application. The cost of the spare parts can be displayed as well.

4. After performing the repair/service – they can then dispose of the ticket from the mobile app. Prices and extra charges are auto-calculated to keep customers in the loop on payments.

5. Once this is done an email or sums can be manually or automatically triggered and sent to the customer with an OTP. The OTP will be used to validate the satisfactory resolution of the ticket from the customer’s end.

How Does Kapture for Service Centers Handle Warranty and AMC Tickets

The CRM lets you create a warranty and automatic maintenance notification through tickets that arrive based on pre-set dates.

When a customer places an order, after he receives the delivery, the call centre can send across an email or an sms asking the customer to call a specific number to activate its warranty. When a customer makes the call, agents can create a new customer profile which then gets auto-tagged to the existing customer base.

During the call, the agent can add;

1. The number of months of the warranty

2. Frequency of maintenance visits.

Kapture then creates AMC tickets and assigns it to field service agents to increase the effectiveness of the field force service agent

When a purchase is made, an order delivered notification appears in the CRM.

Once this happens, the call centre can get in touch with the customer to activate the warranty. They can update warranty details and also adjust the frequency of visits for warranty check-ups.

After this, prior to an upcoming warranty, an AMC ticket is auto-created in the CRM. The Call Centre can then assign this to field agents, who will get in touch with customers to schedule a visit.

How Does Katpure CRM for Service Center Increase the Effectiveness of Field Service Agents

The above operations’ have their own reporting and dashboard feature. Simply enter the start and end date and the CRM will give you information on;

1. FCR’S

2. Average Call Handle Time

3. Ticket Statuses

4. Pending Tickets and much more

When companies assign tickets to field agents at scale, the Service Centre CRM will also offer reports on a number of different metrics.

By evaluating reports on ticket resolution time, customer happiness rating, ticket statuses and much more – customer retention rates can improve via a consolidated service module on a unified dashboard.

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