What is a Helpdesk Software ?

An Insider’s Guide to choosing the best helpdesk software for your business


Why Is a Help Desk Ticketing Software Useful?

A Helpdesk Ticketing system is the simplest and most efficient tool in enhancing an organization’s customer retention rate. In fact companies that begin using a CRM Software to manage operations saw a 47% increase in their customer life time value.

They were able to achieve these numbers because the helpdesk CRM software gives a company the ability to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. When a customer reaches out to you with a question, an issue or a refund request – a ticket is created. Tickets are nothing but support queries that need to closed.

A CRM integrated helpdesk system can help companies respond to tickets originating from multiple platforms. Whether the ticket arrived from a website form, a chat query, a social post or an email – support agents can respond to all these tickets from a single inbox.

Why do you need a helpdesk CRM software? Good question. In the sections below, we’re going to look at;


What is A Helpdesk CRM Software?

Watching tickets fall into your Gmail inbox – and then having all your agents hit up the same shared inbox to close tickets – is a train wreck waiting to happen. Why you ask? What if an agent closes a ticket and another one responds to the same request. What if your customer sends you tweets and then hits you up via your live chat and then even calls you. How will you manage and prioritize these queries?

The CRM integrated help desk software comes to the rescue. So instead of a Gmail inbox, the software has a shared inbox. But the beauty of this solution is that you can respond to queries from within the CRM. So if you are bombarded with multiple tickets from the same customer, the CRM filters all these queries into a single ticket, so your agent can respond to this customer from a single window.

A Help desk software simply helps you keep track of all your queries, helps your prioritize the important ones and gives you the ability to resolve tickets from a unified dashboard.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Customer Support Help Desk Software?

When a customer contacts you via multiple channels, the Omni channel support system brings all these queries under a single ticket.

High Priority tickets are allocated first. The software labels tickets as High, Medium and Low Priority queries as soon as they arrive into the software.

The Customer 360 degree tab lets your agent respond to emails, calls, tweets, Facebook posts and chats from the same window.

Let’s say a ticket comes in that has your agent scratching his head. He can hit up the internal Chat to put out a help request to your team.

FAQ’S and workflows related to your product are embedded into the software giving your agents the ability to resolve tickets quickly and effectively.

Help thy self. This portal lets customers solve their problems themselves with articles on frequently experienced issues.

The software can be configured to allot tickets to agents based on their current ticket volume. Agents with smaller volumes get new tickets.

Folders can be created for each department. These folders will auto assign new tickets based on keywords set up in each folder.

For larger teams at an enterprise level with users in the range of 100 and upwards, these are the features that will help you automate support operations and create improved customer relations.

Agent Shift Management

Lager enterprises deal with a greater volume of tickets. For this very reason you need to maximize the powers of your support team. The agent shift management feature will let you assign specific shifts to each agent so you always have a team online.


Custom Escalation Matrices

While working with a number of departments, each department needs to be assigned specific SLA’S to achieve faster ticket resolution. The company, so in case of a breach, the ticket would be automatically rerouted to higher management to avoid further escalations.

Smart Chat Responses

Your customers need their answers right now. Setting up AI enabled chat templates will give you the flexibility to resolve low priority queries with the self-service formula. By responding to queries with articles and suggestions on ways the customer can resolve their problems instantly. You can avoid assigning agents towards tickets by offering automated chat messages.


Feedback and Survey Management

You need to know the quality of support that is being offered by your team. Are issues being resolved? Maybe. But how does the customer feel about the service you just offered him. The feedback and survey forms can be set up to be auto delivered via email – asking people – if your agents were effective or not. This can not only lead to better relations, but will also be reflected in some damn fine C.S.A.T scores.