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Learning Management System

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What is a
Learning Management System

A learning management system is a CRM software platform that is closely intertwined with the Knowledge Management system. If you’re asking yourself – ‘What is CRM?’ Often the CRM software called LMS is used to conduct tests for employees or students based on the information available on the Knowledge management system.Using the LMS you can closely track.

What is Learning Management System

The number of people who have attended these tests.

What is a Learning Management System

What their performance was (whether they passed or failed ).

learning management Platform

How much time they completed the tests in.

Using the Learning Management system you can administer, document, track and look at reports on your educational training programs.

By using a learning management system for internal testing you can utilize the application for;

What is LMS

Administering tests or course material.

Benefits of a Learning Management system

Documenting the results of the test as well as performances.

Benefits of a LMS

Track the number of people who have attended your tests or completed your courses.

One of the features of the Learning Management System is the fact that you can identify progress towards the learning goal you set for the students of the course or examinations. You can also use the LMS as a performance management system which can help you;

features of A Learning Management System

Judge employee performances

features of A LMS

Test new learning material

What is LMS System

Introduce new policies and run tests to see if your employees are well versed with the new material

beneficial feature Learning Management System

Make judgements on appraisals

What are the Benefits of a
Learning Management system?

LMS features

Add all your content into the one location

One of the benefits of the Learning Management system is that it offers a solution wherein all learning...

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accelerate the learning experien

Get unlimited access to learning materials

When learning material is stored on the LMS – it has no expiration date. It is available when the reader....

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LMS solutions

Keep a close track of your learner’s progress.

Another benefit of the learning management system is the fact that you can closely track the learner’s...

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LMS platform

Eliminates Learning and Development overheads

The ultimate benefit of the Learning Management system is the fact that your overheads like paying...

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learning modules

Cuts down on Learning and Development Time

By just studying the areas where they have knowledge gaps, e learners save a lot of time by...

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effectively educate your employees

Quickly and effectively educate your employees on new regulations

The LMS platfom also let’s your organizations introduce new compliance policies on a...

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performance management system

Update learning modules in just a few clicks

Updating the learning modules is a breeze. All you need to do is log in to the dashboard and update the information in just a few clicks...

What are the features of
A Learning Management System?

progress towards the learning goal

Easily create courses

Using the LMS platform you can create courses tailored to the education requirements of your...

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set for the students of the course

Create metrics for certifications

The LMS solutions also lets you create certain metrics that a learner will have to pass in order to get...

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LMS Documenting

Smartphone Ready UI

The LMS solutions also offers you interactive UI’S that easily blend into the smartphone screen...

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LMS India

Let your agents learn at their own pace

The most beneficial feature of the LMS is the fact that you can let agents learn at their own pace...

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LMS Bangalore

Use Video Conferencing to accelerate the learning experience

To enhance the learning experience – one of the LMS features includes a module where – you can add video...

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Whether you are an independent course creator or a company looking to educate and train new employees – the Learning Management system helps you

  • Create learning goals
  • Update content assets in a few clicks
  • Offers your precise analytics on performances and course completion information.

To create an effective interactive learning environment – the LMS gives you an opportunity to bridge the gap between e learners and instructors through a number of communication channels like messaging boards and video conferencing.

By closely monitoring the progress of your e learners you can tailor your content to their education needs, delete material that is not performing well and also encourage the learners to give it their all and truly imbibe each and every piece of content that they study.

Smartphone Ready LMS