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Realtor Lead Management

Are you prepared to face an overwhelming volume of leads? It’s a problem that many realtors would love to have. But in reality, even if you have a large volume of leads pouring in from different channels, a very small percentage of them are prospective leads that would actually end up with a closed transaction. In such scenarios, you would be glad to have a way to narrow down the serious customers and not spend much time dealing with the window shoppers. Moreover, if you have a high volume of leads and a small team for handling them, you may face the struggle of identifying the right leads that could pass to the sales team. Let’s get to the bottom of the issue and find out how to handle a large volume of leads in real estate.

The best way is to turn to an all-integrated CRM platform that has built-in real estate cloud lead tracking to effectively collect, streamline and manage your valuable client leads. Check out how CRM can handle a large volume of leads.

Automate your Realtor Lead Management with CRM

The integrated cloud CRM sources potential leads from multiple channels. In general, real estate leads have a short shelf life, especially the online customers who are known to have short attention spans. The CRM lead management automates your lead processing, substituting slow and flawed manual processing. It also sends an immediate email or text message to each new lead, collects the necessary lead information and saves them for future reference.

The faster you run, the higher you vault.

In the competitive world of business, CRM enables you to quickly identify potential clients from a large volume of leads and convert them into a customer more efficiently. Realtor Lead Management CRM system automatically searches for information on each lead, such as Facebook profile info, location, and occupation, logs it in the system and then routes it to a specific team member. It can easily trace the lead source, how many other websites were visited, and also track any responses received within a specific time period.

All these tools allow you to determine the validity of a lead and help you identify them as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ leads. This entire process is done even before the automatic email and/or text messages are sent out, and can be done with any number of leads, which accelerates the process of understanding client requirements and supplementing product data or information within the audience’s limited attention span. Moreover, CRM integration with mobile devices keeps you in touch with your entire lead database and allows you to respond to new lead queries from a remote location.

Chase a Lead to Conversion

In a competitive business scenario, follow-up plays a key role in conversion. Most of the time, a potential lead can turn cold due to lack of nurturing. The CRM helps you follow-up with your leads in a systematic and straight-forward manner by scheduling call-backs and reminders for each and every potential lead. A CRM follow-up process ensures that all your old leads have substantial chances of conversion – it is a race to the finish!

Delegating Results in Efficient Lead Handling

Every customer wants to be treated as if they are special, which would be impossible if the leads are not delegated effectively. When handling multiple leads, effective delegation of each lead instantly upgrades the lead processing efficiency. The CRM dashboard allows you to read, analyze and assign each lead to be attended by the right sales personnel. The lead is delegated along with the relevant customer information, which enables you to create a feeling of familiarity and a good impression.  Moreover, the lead delegation process also shortens response times and increases the lead conversion rate.

Manage Your Lead Contacts

When leads are pouring in from different channels, retrieving previous lead information on a short notice is a big challenge. The CRM contact management helps in accessing any lead information or previous correspondence within a few seconds. This helps the sales personnel to pick up the discussion from where it was stalled and provide the customer with a feeling of being recognised and also saves precious time for both the parties.

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