Realtor Lead Management

Realtor Lead Management: How CRM helps you handle large volume leads?

Realtor Lead Management

Let’s talk about one of the main understated challenges faced by real estate business.

Realtor Lead Management.

For a real estate operator, having to manage overwhelmingly large number of leads is simply the order of the day. Among these, only a small proportion can be classified as high-quality leads.Most of the other ‘impulse-enquiries’ are unlikely to convert into a customer within a short time frame.

In this situation, the realtor business could simply end-up trying to cherry-pick prospects without having an accurate idea about which leads are likely to convert and which leads requires nourishing.

The elephant in the room is the high volume of low-quality leads. These are essentially time wasters preventing your sales reps from focusing on the high-quality prospects.

In this situation, the realtor needs effective strategies to identify and focus on their most qualified leads within a short duration of their lead registration.

In this situation, a CRM-enabled real estate management platform can help you manage your entire scope of realtor operations.

The best way is to turn to an all-integrated CRM platform that has built-in real estate cloud lead tracking to effectively collect, streamline and manage your valuable client leads. Check out how CRM can handle a large volume of leads.

Automate your Realtor Lead Management with CRM


As described above, the realtor is used to manage a large volume of leads on a daily basis. For a realtor business to handle a large volume of daily available leads, one needs to accelerate and streamline the pace of processing the daily leads.

This could be done through a CRM-based lead automation system.

An integrated CRM lead automation system, lets you streamline potential leads from multiple sources. In general, real estate leads have a short shelf life, especially when it concerns online customers with short attention spans.

The CRM lead management automates your lead processing, substituting slow and flawed manual processing. It also sends an immediate email or text message to each new lead, collects the necessary lead information and saves them for future reference.

By following an automated workflow, you can assign individual statuses to leads ranging from hot, warm or cold. This will allow you to assign the right value to leads based on their primary lead processing.

The faster you run, the higher you vault


In the competitive world of business, CRM enables you to quickly identify potential clients from a large volume of leads and convert them into a customer more efficiently. Realtor Lead Management CRM system automatically searches for information on each lead, such as Facebook profile info, location, and occupation, logs it in the system and then routes it to a specific team member. It can easily trace the lead source, how many other websites were visited, and also track any responses received within a specific time period.

All these tools allow you to determine the validity of a lead and help you identify them as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ leads. This entire process is done even before the automatic email and/or text messages are sent out, and can be done with any number of leads, which accelerates the process of understanding client requirements and supplementing product data or information within the audience’s limited attention span. Moreover, CRM integration with mobile devices keeps you in touch with your entire lead database and allows you to respond to new lead queries from a remote location.

Create a systematic lead nourishment program

Even the most popular real estate businesses, only receive a small proportion of their business leads will be qualified. A well-structured lead nourishment program can incrementally improve this number of qualified leads.

A lead management CRM can establish a planned lead nourishment program.

For example, lets consider that you receive a medium-level interested enquiry. After the initial interaction, the prospect may stop considering your project as a viable investment option due to the lack of further information.

In this situation, the realtor business can send a sequence of nourishing emails as emails / SMS or some other messages. This will help the prospect to build potential interest in the project.

By this way, the prospect can progress further down the sales funnel. For example,  a lead nourishment program will help you turn an interested prospect into a sales lead. A sales lead could be further converted into a project visit. Finally, a project visit could turn into a property sales.


You can’t possibly convert every lead through a simple and straight-forward lead processing

It’s almost impossible to have a simple and straight-forward process to convert potential leads. This could be done by scheduling call-backs and reminders through a single lead management platform.

In this situation, a CRM platform helps you create a nuanced lead processing strategy that’ll lead to converting more lead opportunities.

With a CRM-based follow-up process, you can streamline and optimize the lead processing activities. This brings a number of features to the table such as cutting down on lead response time, managing customer interactions and facilitating better responses to all customer enquiries.

Within a real estate CRM, you can create follow-up processes with your leads in a systematic and straight-forward manner. In this way, you can create a programmatic schedule for call-backs and reminders to attend each and every potential lead.

Through a CRM-based follow-up, you can ensure that all your leads carry a substantially improved chance of final lead conversion. In this way, your sales reps always have the luxury of choosing from a pool of qualified sales prospects to lead up-to-the final sales conversion.

Improved Streamlining for efficiency and collaboration

Today, every customer expects to be treated as special with the earliest 1:1 personalized interactions. Even as, this is impractical for most of the sales leads, these prospects also need to be proactively managed on a 1:1 basis.

. When handling multiple leads, effective delegation of each lead instantly upgrades the lead processing efficiency.

The CRM platform enables you to streamline, analyze and assign each lead to be attended by the right sales personnel. By availing all information through a CRM-based customer profile, the sales rep can introduce customer-specific solutions to engage the prospect.

This will help you improve the overall prospect engagement across the sales funnel.



Most real estate businesses struggle to keep track and make sense of their lead information. As a realtor, you could benefit from collecting a range of information about your prospective lead.

This includes prospect name, location, budget, profession etc…All these information could potentially help you manage a better-informed marketing strategy. In this way, you can strive to try to tailor your marketing strategy to augment your marketing approach.


To be successful in the realtor industry, you need to be good at managing and delegating daily sales challenges. A real estate lead management system can incrementally improve your ability to manage diverse prospecting challenges. Kapture CRM is an end-to-end lead management platform that allows streamlined opportunity management. You can check out our 1:1 demo or sign-up for our free trial.

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