Pick an Enterprise CRM based on your requirement

How to Pick an Enterprise CRM based on your requirements?

Pick an Enterprise CRM based on your requirement

With the modern innovations in technology, customer relationship management is not just limited to maintaining good relationships with your customers; it has much more to it. Many exciting features of CRM help you, strategist, analyze, manage, track and improve your business. CRM software allows you to accumulate customer information that comes in from different channels or points of contact, which can be email marketing, chats, company website, third-party portals and much more. If you too are willing to automate your business for better growth, then mentioned below are a few steps that you must follow in order to pick the right enterprise CRM.

Understanding the needs of management and end-users –

Considering inputs from your would-be end users can actually add value to your CRM selection process. Since the end-users are the ones who are spending time interacting with the prospect customers, they can therefore understand the process better. End users can also raise issues that they feel the current system possesses, and for which they may already have come up with some creative solutions.

Developing a Vendor Ranking System –

The shortlisted vendor list will be organized under this step, to recognize the best vendors who can meet the documented requirements, based on which they’ll be then ranked. Ranked vendors will then take the team through the best and prioritized requirements of the CRM platform while focusing on functionality and its generalized features. Briefing the vendors about your organization’s needs and aspirations is essential in order to get the right solutions.

Scheduling Tailored Presentations –

Under this stage, the prospective vendors will demonstrate their solutions after which you can take further decisions. While the vendors work on tailoring their demonstration, it’s up to them to decide the time required to get the job done.

Choosing the CRM Solution –

After the shortlisted vendors demonstrate their solutions, the company can then counter them with questions regarding deliverables and the functionality of the system. Once the final vendor is selected, the final implementation strategy and timeline is to be finalized.

Negotiate and Obtain –

Under this stage, after finalizing on the timeline and vendor, your team will have to work on finalizing the contract duration.

Few Tips for Choosing the Right Enterprise CRM:


  • If your business has a lot to deal with customer service then it is recommended that you opt for CRM solutions, which will help you make inquiries, provide quick solutions to complaints and communicate with your customers through chats.
  • Choosing a CRM that offers you ticketing solutions can help you serve your customers better. For example, features like live chat, emails, calls, real-time reports, sales tracking, etc. all under one roof can work wonders for your business and relationship with customers.
  • If you have a big sales team working for your business then it is recommended that you go for a CRM that provides you with mobile functionalities, so that accessing all your business data and analyzing employee performance becomes much easier. Doing this will also save you loads of time that you can invest in other productive measures.
  • Integrating or streamlining your business with third-party portals can actually help you get more leads for your business. Not every CRM supports third-party integration; therefore, it is recommended that you opt for the right one based on your business needs.

Though the process might seem a bit too long to deal with, in order to get the right CRM system working for your organization, following these steps are recommended. Right from understanding management and would-be end-users, up to obtaining the user licenses for the system, selecting the right vendor becomes very essential.
The process of formally choosing the CRM vendor or system will churn out loads of employees that will add on to your company’s benefits in the later stages.

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