Qualitative Lead Management

Qualitative Lead Scoring To String Together The Right Kind Of Prospects: A Marketers Perspective

Qualitative Lead Management

A fashion designer strives to craft the best of combination – the best of aesthetics, the best of clothing material, the best curvaceous outlook, etc. The skill of a designer comes up with the nuanced combination that presents style and comfort in a plush form.

The marketing spectrum is currently playing out a very similar challenge. The marketer’s role isn’t limited to just generating traffic or leads. A modern marketer should be able to play an active role in customer acquisition, which may later flourish into long-standing business relationships.

A marketer also faces a similar challenge. They are required to combine different marketing channels and campaign options to generate high-quality leads.

The marketers’ role isn’t just limited to creating high-value leads. But he needs to tender handpicked prospects to the sales team that may result in long-standing business future.

In this situation, you need to sift and filter your incoming leads to identify the right prospects that may be qualified based on specific attributes. This process is known as lead qualification.

Even if your prospects have displayed previous interest and have an adequate budget, it’s not necessary that they come suited to your particular business. You need to ensure that your actual business requirement is malleable to your particular product or service.

But the significance of lead qualification isn’t limited there!

Let’s take a specific scenario!

Consider different industries with high volume but low quality leads such as Real Estate, Retail etc. In these industries, you need to focus on qualifying your individual leads that carry better chances of conversion and blooming customer relationships.

This inevitably leaves you scratching your head about smarter ways to improve your lead quality.


The first step of lead qualification is recognized that all leads aren’t created with equal intent. The multiple online and offline channels make it easier for you to have your lead entangled and tied together.

Afterwards, you need to qualify the leads through selecting the different steps involved in qualifying each lead.

Let’s consider an Industry with the most proactive application of lead scoring – Real Estate. It allows you to tackle the on-rush of low-quality requests that form the bulk of Realtor lead management process. Afterwards, you can transfer the better quality leads to your sales team.

For example, if you can convince your customer to negotiate and set a reference price, then it’s a positive sign that you can bring down the hammer on closures.

At the same time, if you are loitering over a particular prospect for a long time, you might want to move on to your next customer. The lead qualification step lets you have an easily followed step for this particular process.

The process also lets you flag each lead as hot, cold or warm.
In future, it allows you to hand over all your hot leads to the closure team. This leads to prolific closure rates.


A successful marketer knows that achieving high-quality customers is not just a one-time Credit Card swiping arrangement. You need to focus on creating a recurring process that adds to the existing customer list. Practically, you can even say that building a good customer portfolio is largely a momentum building activity.

You are required to pitch and gain on each quality prospect. This allows you to move onto the next customer. Afterwards, you carry forward the chain of activities to create your customer portfolio.

At Kapturecrm, we have built a list of quality enterprises that utilize our product daily.

This was achieved through creating a systematic lead quality system that results in better sales closures. It also lets you manage and acclimatize our lead quality.


1. The lead scoring lets you easily sift down low-interest prospects. This leaves more space to pursue new opportunities or invest in generating new leads.

2. The lead scoring system lets you spend more time with prospects who exhibit a better positive inclination.

3. The lead scoring lets you nurse a better pool of prospects that leads to more engaged customers.

4. This allows you to create a long term process to streamline all generated leads.

5. It Lets you establish and create a long-term sales funnel that has better chances of conversion.


If you are looking for a rule of thumb, trying to get the prized customers is similar to extracting gold from sand; One is a rare and precious asset but the other is as common as ….sand.

A good marketer should be able to pro-actively ensure that the right kind of leads are going to the future sales closure teams. This is achieved by selecting and filtering quality leads through quality lead prospecting process.

Learn more about using qualitative lead scoring to improve your customer pool.

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