Sales team collaboration

5 ways to drive better sales team collaboration with a sales CRM software

Sales team collaboration

If you want to thrive in a modern sales environment, you should start by asking an all-important question.

Is your sales team proactively connected or only available in on-demand basis?

In other words, can your sales team connect and collaborate smoothly with each other or are you dependent on pulling-off individual spectacles?

In this scenario, your sales team may quickly turn into a group of personnel’s with varying degree of performance. In this situation, your sales team may also fail to develop the requisite audience penetration much required for success in all modern business endeavors.

The sales CRM platform enables you to combine all your sales activities in a unified platform – raise queries, manage responses and collaborate between teams or members, coordinate to create suitable customer responses, etc.

So, how this helps you improve your revenues?

Well, let us give concise five reasons that appeal to your business logic.


The role of a sales manager is to derive better sales outcome through a combination of activities involving coordination, collaboration, and motivation. A successful sales manager should be able to ensure that his/her team does the right thing in an optimal way.

In other words, the sales manager successfully combines the carrot stick combo of combining incentives with punishment.

For this, you need a system that closely mirrors your existing sales scenarios.

In reality, sales managers spend the least amount of time on ground level sales negotiations. According to strike jobs consultancy, the core skills of sales or account managers are relatively spread in four areas.

All these multiple processes require you to keep a constant pulse on your daily sales processes. The concerned sales manager also should have a deeper understanding of their daily queries and challenges.

In short, they need to have an easier way to complete their obligations that leave more time to take on more nuanced challenges.

This is achieved through a smarter way to coordinate and collaborate within the teams. A Sales Management CRM lets you communicate and coordinate with your entire sales team vertical.


All salespeople are constantly arching their backs to achieve a maximum number of deal closures. This also leads to higher work pressures that are experienced by sales pros across every industry.

But is there a way to improve your probability of deal closure?

Irrespective of the individual sales campaigner, the proposed price margins are found to dictate the final sales outcome.

In this situation, the ability to determine individual pricing margin can make sudden differences to your total number of deal closures.

A unified quote management platform such as sales CRM makes an incremental difference in this situation.

The single quote management system lets you raise all customer-initiated quotes on a single dashboard.

This enables the manager to individually approve or reject each proposed price. This protocol instantly increases your number of closed deals and average margins on a given time scale.

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The daily life of a sales team is fraught with conflicting goals and objectives. The increase in team strength comes as directly proportional to the increase in conflicts.

Without a unifying platform, it could get really hard to check on employees chasing their own individual incentives rather than collective team goals.

For example, the goal of the sales manager would be to have his employees to fix and close the maximum number of meetings. The objective of a sales executive may be to attend an adequate number of meetings for achieving the requisite deal closures.

This helps you fix and arrange the maximum number of meetings within a given time period.

This process also lets you manage all the progress with regards to the prospect within a single platform.

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As it happens, the present day sales require across-the-board collaboration among the employees. If you are able to optimize the transfer of a lead from marketing to the sales department, it can significantly increase the chance of final conversion.

Based on Google research almost 57% of buying decisions is made before contacting a salesperson.

In a practical sense, this means that the marketing team should nourish each lead before they are being transferred to the sales department.

The sales CRM forms the link between sales and marketing departments. The marketing department can learn about the probable ways to nourish customers, while the sales team can develop a deeper customer profile.


All businesses with a medium or lengthy sales funnel should have the ability to improve customer relationships. This simply refers to businesses whose customers don’t take immediate buying decisions as they are exposed to a particular product.

In this situation, you should remain within each customer’s circle of attention. In other words, you should be able to differentiate your products or services amongst the umpteen number of digital and offline options.

The sales CRM lets you manage all customer priorities and options on a single platform.

Learning more about improving sales with customer interaction


An active sales process means that you are being constantly bombarded with never-before scenarios and multiple requests for margin cuts.

Without the right means of coordination and collaboration, you may easily go into an ‘auto-drive mode’ where you are stuck on making prejudiced decisions. This dramatically increases your chances of making mistakes in decision making.

The right sales platform helps you to prioritize between different options and priorities. It also lets you promote coordination and collaboration within your sales team that increases the chances of deal closures.

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