Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software: Concept and Practical Benefits

Marketing Automation Software

In B2B SaaS Industry, marketing automation has become the most popular buzzword. It has also grown to have numerous meanings, literally covering indefinite number of concepts under the term.

Some marketers are known to go way beyond explaining the term ‘marketing automation software’, attaching general commonality and numerous benefits to be associated with the software.

Sometimes, marketing automation software could be claimed to boost your ROI through the roof. It can also be termed to ensure that every prospect or lead sticks with your business.

But, one needs to understand that marketing automation isn’t the outsourcing of marketing decisions. On the other hand, it’s intended to make your decisions easier and straight-forward.

In this situation, the concept of marketing automation needs to be further dissected and discussed.

Concept of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software allows you to automate, combine and streamline multiple activities and process through a single platform. By combining multiple activities in a single platform, you could have a better hand at iterating and optimizing each part of your concerned operation.

This allows you to manage processes and activities in the most efficient way.

Marketing automation lets you integrate and manage activities through customized CRM software. Practically, this gives a central control panel to evaluate and control each part of your activities.

Combining and Cascading Different Campaigns

In simple terms, CRM software is a combination of multiple features. All these features have been brought together and finely integrated to provide a combined effect.

Here, marketing is not just a single activity, but a combination of multiple independent campaigns. CRM allows you to co-ordinate between independent campaigns for improving total effect. This combination of marketing activities also gives a cascading effect.

For example, consider the two most ROI-centric paths of modern marketing – List building and E-mail marketing.
Ideally, both should be able to augment and strengthen each other.

For example, consider an E-mail marketing tool integrated with CRM software. By collecting incoming customer contacts, you will be able build a highly relevant and reliable list of E-mails.

This E-mail List could be directly used to run an E-mail marketing campaign, optimally geared to meet the designated campaign objectives.

Presently, a marketing campaign combines multiple smaller campaigns or sub- campaigns. This could be running on different marketing streams and channels. All these campaigns would be having their own campaign objectives; let’s say, raising incoming leads.

With CRM software, you can combine and integrate multiple marketing opportunities. By this, you can limit each campaign opportunity to a CRM entry.

Further, you will be able to streamline the received leads through a lead funnel. This lead funnel can be optimized to respond to each incoming lead.

This provides you with direct lead monitoring and channel performance data. Further, you could use the data to iterate channel performance and improve overall performance.

Managing and Monitoring Campaigns

Usually, campaigns are not just independent solitary processes. They are usually on-going processes, where each needs to monitored and managed constantly. In order to ensure maximum returns, you should also focus to iterate on individual campaign metrics.

By integrating CRM software, you can add number of campaigns to a unified dashboard. This allows you to continually monitor multiple campaigns. You can also simultaneously monitor different aspects of each of your campaigns concerned – including marketing dollars spent and leads acquired.

This allows you to handle multiple campaigns with independent monitoring capability.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Even when considering the ease of daily process management, businesses need definite arguments that substantiate return in investments.

This requires you to integrate marketing automation into your business activity.

Direct and Instant Campaign Reports

Combined with mobile CRM integration, you can constantly receive updates about ongoing reports. You are also not required to keep up with lengthy evaluation and aggregation processes to calculate your leads.

This ensures that your reports are complete and conclusive.

Manage Campaign Expenditures

Presently, campaigns are continually fluctuating based on marketing trends and customer preferences. Your campaigns should be able to accommodate each of these swaying factors, which accumulate into better end results.
With CRM integration, you could manage your campaigns to reflect optimal performances. Later, this could be tweaked and organized to manage smarter campaigns.

Streamlined with Live Business Operation

By streamlining lead acquiring and lead processing, you can align and utilize each part of lead management. This allows you to speed up or slow down marketing operations according to lead processing capability of your business.
Likewise, you can oversee and manage each part of your daily decision making, enabling you to take instant direct decisions.

In order to build a marketing campaign you need to collect and bring together multiple parts and facets of an organization.

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