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CRM in Realtor Marketing: How focused penetration gets you optimal results

All marketers in the Realty Industry have a common complaint – it is complex and has too many variables. This translates into making hard marketing decisions on a daily basis. In order to achieve the right penetration with realtor marketing, you need to find the focus and balance between seemingly conflicting opportunities. This could be realized through CRM Software.

If you want to use real estate CRM optimally, you need to first understand the real estate industry and its underlying intricacies.

Why Realtor Market is Complex and will continue to be

Real estate CRM

In its basic nature, the realtor market is complex and has an influx of just too many factors. You have numerous online and offline marketing streams, each with varying degree of customer attention. With respect to each customer, you could have individual perspectives, budgeting constraints and aesthetic interests that influence their buying decision. All these put stress on multiple factors that influence your realtor marketing.

With a specially customized CRM for real estate market, you will be able to actively, track, weigh and iterate multiple factors that are influencing your marketing decision.

When you understand the significance of multiple factors, you could use that knowledge to take the right decisions.

Managing Traditional Marketing Channels

Before the advent of digital campaigns, realty developers acquired leads through a network of brokers and operators. Often, the list of external sources could be much more than that could directly be handled and managed.
Later, digital medium substituted these networks as the main lead source. But these mediums still continue to be a valuable source of leads.

CRM allows you to combine and list numerous lead sources at a single dashboard. You can also follow and retrieve reports about the performance of each source based on their conversion. This allows you to systemically manage referral sales.

Further, this data could be used to segregate and reward active contributors. You can also provide loyalty programs for concerned prospects.

Personalizing Client Relations

Commonly, real estate prospects are characterized by a lengthy sales funnel. For this, a realtor should be able to keep a particular prospect interested throughout the entire sales process.

In order to achieve this objective, you need to personalize your prospect and client relationships. Under the umbrella cloud CRM, you could cover and access multiple customer profiles attached to multiple platforms. Social CRM allows you to combine multiple social media profiles, log-in credentials, previous conversations with service team etc. This allows you to personalize customer relationships. You can also progressively drive each prospect conversations along the desired path.

Further, you can segment and position each particular prospect along the lead funnel. This enables you to take a personalized approach to ensure further progression along the lead funnel.

Being Selective about Lead Opportunities

Sales Funnel
Under realistic levels of market exposure and campaigns, you could harvest leads by appealing to a wider audience base. But turning them into actual customers could be the harder part.

In other words, the acquired leads could have much less valuable than their proposed value. This leads to a defining characteristic of lead value. Under the high volume of leads, you need to be selective about choosing the right opportunities. This requires you to be selective about segregating high and low-value leads, based on their ability of conversion.

With the right understanding of the real estate market, you could undertake the right utilization of CRM marketing tools. This puts the right balance between multiple aspects and factors that influence your marketplace.

Characteristically, real estate has both physical and digital aspects of management and handling. Digital marketing handles too many leads directly to your marketing channel. This enables you to take immediate steps to accumulate into smarter decision making.

Tailoring Digital Marketing Strategy

As mentioned earlier, you need to have a custom-tailored marketing strategy for succeeding in the current market place.

With CRM, you can build customer-centered marketing campaigns that directly appeal to your audience. Integrated reporting functionality lets you choose the most vital marketing campaigns.

With acquiring knowledge about target prospects list, you can also build on potential remarketing strategy. This allows you to collect and build audience list. You can also use this data to connect and engage with your audience.
With tailoring marketing around customers, you can ensure maximum penetration among the selected audience groups.
This ensures that your marketing campaigns remain on close sync with your selected audience base.

Leveraging Search and Social Platforms with Keywords

CRM for real estate marketing

The most sophisticated marketing campaigns are successful because of careful execution. And keywords are the tokens for the execution of search and social strategy.

This means that a realty marketer should have access to a wealth of keywords. It’s completely possible for a search marketer to collect a large umbrella for related keywords. Otherwise, you could feed a list of reality terms into a keyword scraper tool like to accumulate a long keyword list.

With CRM software, you could derive the live implication for the collected list of keywords. This also gives you the current performing keywords and audience perspective. Further, you can progressively drive better campaign performances.

Optimizing Advertising budget land Expenditure

CRM enables you to focus your advertising budget on the right prospects and opportunities. Otherwise, your budget could get dispersed among a larger base of low-value prospects.

CRM helps you gauge the effectiveness of each campaign through evaluating potential lead response. You could also run marketing campaigns to reach a list of existing prospecting through running email/SMS campaigns. You could also run a local social marketing campaign based on audience group that resembles your target audience.

Thus CRM campaign management ensures maximum ROI for every dollar spent.

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