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Marketing Automation Tools Can Increase your Engagement Rate by 83%?

Marketing automation

In a fast-paced marketing world, one should have the ability to focus and multitask simultaneously. Sounds like a headache. Doesn’t it?

With a marketing automation CRM, you can combine and manage multiple marketing challenges. In other words, it enables you to attend individual queries and handle marketing duties in a single platform.

Marketing Automation Protocols improves your Prospect engagement and more

As per a focus group study, engaged prospects, generate 23% more revenue and creates better up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. By automating prospect management, you can engage prospects based on their individual queries. This, in turn, and leads to engaged prospects.

This enables you to engage with individual prospects and resolve customer queries. It’s also a customer-oriented way of collecting market intelligence.

Here, marketing automation CRM increases both your customer satisfaction and business revenue.

That’s two golden birds with one shot.

Relatively, it’s also better to have your prospects more engaged. Here, we discuss combining multiple automation tools and utilities to provide an improved output.

Send Periodic and personalized Messages

An easy way to attract users is by sending personalized Messages.

Nobody welcomes marketing messages. But personalized messages warrant a higher rate of openings and response.

With CRM, you can collect prospect contact number and emails. This allows you to send tailored emails for custom offers or personal greetings. This makes your prospects to repeatedly connect with your business, proportionally raising the opportunity of customer acquisition.

This also provides a clear time-scale to manage all conversations.

Cutting back on your Response Time

By automating lead management, your processes could be streamlined to a single window. This enables you to cut-back on response time and responds to leads that apparently warrant an immediate response.

Coupled with cloud-based customer data access, this also simultaneously raises your prospect response ratio and speed.

Run multiple co-dependent and Campaigns

Unless you are a marketing expert, running multiple campaigns could be confusing. This easily results in intertwined end-reports and conflicting claims about acquiring leads.

By marketing automation, you can streamline independent campaigns to a single payment channel. This enables you to accurately keep track of results at every point of contact.

Similarly, you can also automate lead attribution to individual employees, letting you follow each lead to its final stages of completion. It also helps you with remarketing and adding leverage to your marketing strategy.

By marketing-based automation, you can streamline objectives to the right channels. This lets you run co-dependent campaigns that help you individual target each prospect.

Direct conversations form the best form of Engagement

It’s commonly seen that business encouraging active prospect conversations tends to attract more conversations.

Marketing automation platform combines multiple platforms to handle prospect conversation. This allows your prospect or sales team to view and answer multiple queries through a single platform.

From a marketing perspective, it brings your prospects to a single platform that improves output. From a productivity point-of-view, it incrementally increases the number of conversations.


You cannot substitute attracting customers with customer engagement. If you are attracting customers through pricing discounts and packages, they could spike your short-term sales. Most of the times these leave customers unengaged and doesn’t lead to recurring sales. By applying simple Marketing automation principles, you can practically double your prospect engagement.

At Kapture CRM, we provide customized CRM for marketing that allows you to handle daily responsibilities.

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