Leveraging Big Data to Enhance the Quality of Customer Service

 It’s no secret that better customer service helps in increasing customer satisfaction and retention rates drastically. But what’s the key aspect involved in enhancing customer support? The answer is simple: big data. 

One of the main challenges faced by enterprises around the world is that they are unaware of how to use and optimize the customer data that they possess. Not utilizing customer data in the right way can cause businesses to turn away from delivering exceptional customer experiences. Advances in big data are making it easier for enterprises to collect information for their customers and use them in the best possible way. 

What is big data? How is it relevant to customer support?

Big data generally refers to data that is very large, unstructured and is typically time-sensitive. In customer support, it’s data that has been collected from all the digital devices and platforms used by your customers such as website, social media, call centers, chat etc. Enterprises across all industries are relying heavily on data and analytics to understand customer needs and offer the solutions they demand. 

Here are some of the ways in which big data can help you take your customer support to the next level

  1. Easy access to necessary resources: A knowledge management system (KMS) that contains all the relevant FAQs, brochures, informative videos, etc can be an invaluable asset for newly joined customer support executives. This knowledge portal is easily accessible and lets support agents respond to common customer queries and requests within seconds. The KMS solution offered by Kapture CRM, for instance, helps call center agents, service center agents and field force teams to refer to necessary information from anywhere. 
  2. Instant help: Having the right data in the right format at the right place can help businesses understand their customers better. This will also help agents access the necessary information required to deliver instant responses and resolutions to incoming customer queries. 
  3. Accurate predictions – Customer support agents sometimes have to deal with unusual inquiries and requests regularly. Big data helps in analyzing different types of user queries along with their corresponding set of answers. It drives precision in terms of explanations for all types of inquiries that a customer can probably ask and further combining it to form a guideline that helps the agents in increasing their efficiency.
  4. Performance analysis: Support agents form a crucial part of customer support. Big Data can help you assess your agent’s performance by analyzing feedback and engagement history insights. Additionally, big data gives you a comprehensive agent performance scenario by taking a measure of several relevant factors such as response time average, rate of abandonment, time of call hold, etc.


Kapture CRM helps enterprises across several industries in systemizing customer data to optimize customer support and experience. This is done through several advanced tools such as ticket management, customer 360-degree view, KMS, etc. 

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