Important Role Played by CRM in the Digital Transformation of the BFSI Sector

Meeting customer expectations and systemized customer support are some of the key challenges currently faced by enterprises operating in the BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance) sector. Financial institutions of the modern age require cutting edge support to manage their customer-centric operations such as sales and customer service. A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a one-stop solution to all these challenges. 

Enterprise-grade CRM solutions and lead automation platforms such as Kapture CRM can help your BFSI enterprise by unifying all sales and support operations as well as automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. A CRM can streamline internal workflows such as agent calendars, customer service tickets, field visits, assignment of tasks, etc, and combines them into a single intuitive interface.

From ticket management to self-service portals, our CRM solution offers all capabilities needed to make your business workflows organized and better. 

Some of the key benefits and features of a CRM helpdesk that can help you scale your BFSI enterprise:

  1. Efficient lead management – Take advantage of Kapture CRM to collate, organize and assign new leads to the right sales agent automatically based on predefined criteria such as location or skills. You can also receive real-time updates on each prospect at any stage of their journey with your enterprise. Moreover, your team can regularly update the status of the leads. For example, a lead that is close to conversion can be tagged as a “hot lead” while the ones in the initial stages of their journey can be tagged as “cold leads.” Kapture CRM facilitates a 360-degree view of your leads and customers, which helps you understand and serve your prospects better.
  2. Better customer segmentation and engagement – By leveraging a SaaS-based CRM solution, you can easily profile, segment, and prioritize your customer base. This will help you align your products and services as per their financial needs and goals. Additionally, you can anticipate your customers’ needs and interact with them at the right time throughout their financial journey.
  3. Omni-channel communication – As customers reach out to support teams through various channels of communication, it’s important for BFSI companies to be present and interact with their customers everywhere. Using Kapture CRM, your agents can converse with customers across multiple communication channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, web chat, etc) from a unified dashboard, thus eliminating the need for switching applications. 
  4. Ticketing automationTicketing management is the central process of customer support operations across many industries, and BFSI is not much different. Kapture CRM’s ticket management system streamlines all the contact center and field force ticketing processes. Incoming product queries or support issues can be routed to the right agent or the relevant team by the CRM. For instance, an insurance claim ticket from New Delhi can be routed to the claims team based in Delhi within seconds. A field agent who has to visit a customer location to inspect a vehicle for an insurance test can be assigned the ticket remotely using mobile CRM. 
  5. Self-serviceSelf-service is a capability where customers can find answers to common questions and perform simple tasks by themselves, reducing agent dependency on a great level. Self-service portals could include FAQs, DIY videos, brochures etc. For instance, a banking customer can upload the necessary documents through a self-serve portal without the need for communicating with a teller or a support agent. 
  6. Data security – Data security and privacy are two important aspects of all BFSI organizations. Kapture CRM can unify and automate all customer service processes of your enterprise without compromising on data security. 

In addition to these use cases, a financial institution can leverage a CRM for automated customer communications, knowledge management (KMS), learning management (LMS) among many other use cases. Reach out to the team at Kapture CRM and have an expert guide you through our product. 

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