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Six insightful ways lead management software improves your lead quality

Six Insightful Ways Lead Management Software Improves Your Lead Quality

Customer Acquisition is the bottom line of any business, without customers, there is no business model. If you believe so, then you’d probably appreciate having more leads to work on because the number of leads is directly proportional to the number of customers you stand to gain!

Leads are like taps to customer flow; the more you turn it on, the better it flows

Most companies use CRM that has inbuilt lead management software and plays a key role in acquiring leads. It integrates seamlessly with different technologies and helps to capture leads coming in from every possible channel right from digital campaigns, websites and social media applications to call centres and offline activities. Business becomes more organized when leads make a beeline from different directions onto a single lead management platform.

Leave no stone unturned to acquire and convert leads

One of the most efficient methods of lead acquisition is word-of-mouth-based popularity that usually works well with a great product, the right social media contacts and integrated cloud-based software that improves customer service resulting in happy customers. Constant testing of new channels, new creatives (like new radio or banner ads or new designs) and innovative funnel processes helps in converting a lead into a customer, and a customer into a repeat lifetime evangelizer.

Organised and streamlined data makes conversion a piece of cake.

The in-built lead management software in CRM helps in tracking every incoming lead in case of multiple lead sources. It streamlines the acquired leads into a single lead pipeline where all the incoming leads are displayed on a single window, along with their source information and time of acquirement. This saves a lot of time and energy that would be required to locate and work on each lead generated from different sources. This helps the sales team to focus on more productive work. With a cloud-based lead management system, it becomes effortless to pull out detailed information of any old leads within seconds. The sales funnel informs about the leads that have not been followed up or stalled due to many reasons. This cloud-based tool ensures that the company’s database is safe and leak proof.

Tapping potential lead source that converts successfully

Successful organisations use CRM that has a unique lead processing platform which analyzes the lead source or the detailed information of each lead that is coming in from different channels for example primary source (website), secondary source (email) or tertiary source (industry mailer campaign). Lead source is a critical piece of data required in order to assess the value of the marketing campaigns. This allows in identifying the channel that work best in tapping potential leads and helps to decide the ROI of each campaign including lead number, lead quality, and conversion achieved. The analysis results in planning better lead generation tricks and improves marketing decisions in future. In the competitive world of business, where all are looking for leads, tapping on to a potential lead source can be a turning point for a business organisation.


Classifying and allocating effectively is half the battle won!

Once the leads are tapped in a single platform, the lead management software in CRM makes it simple to identify the type of lead based on its source, geography, interest, etc. The system saves time and cost by automatically allocating the leads to the respective zone’s sales team. System generated automated responses (mailers/SMS) reduces the prospect’s waiting time and increases the probability of conversion. The lead processing software is flexible where parameters could be tailored. Leads could be marked as hot, cold or warm based on their interest levels and other factors. This helps in serving quality leads better as the lead conversion depends hugely on lead analysis and prompt response.

Success is just an ‘opportunity with extra information’

Many companies regard CRM more than just a lead management software. They use CRM integration to be updated with complete customer information, customer requirements, and client prospects which will help them delegate the leads effectively without any delay. The lead management system makes sure that the leads are streamlined and each and every lead be addressed on priority. The conversation of the lead is logged and the status is updated. Every activity of the sales team could be monitored and escalation matrix could be set to ensure that there are no delays in follow-ups or meetings. Moreover, the CRM-recorded client behaviors help in designing intelligent marketing strategies and formulating added services.

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