Freelance Work Management

Freelance Work Management: CRM Invoicing to Resolve Payment Delays and Mitigate Confusions

Freelance Work Management

As a freelancer in any field, when you’re dealing with your employees, handling the payments can become a confusing and arduous task. Transactions may involve a long breakdown of the different payment elements, which must be effectively monitored to make sure that the payments are being made fully and on time.

Generally, the main reasons for payment delays can be due to miscommunication between the relevant parties, disorganization of data, or sometimes even because of the insufficient relay of information. Each of these issues can be resolved by having a centralized system that integrates all the employer and freelancer data together. This allows for seamless functioning of the sales process and ensures that the right invoicing practices are being followed. This system would even allow setting up an effective communication channel between the two parties so that no information is ever lost.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be extremely useful as the system that organizes all the existing as well as incoming data, and making sure that all the information is easily accessible at all times.

Streamlines the sales process:

Invoice Management Software from a CRM helps an employer to keep track of any pending or due payments and inform the freelancer with prompt, automated receipts and invoices through the appropriate channels. This expedites the payment process and eliminates any margin for error, such as those that arise from improper documentation of the sale or loss of records.

Apart from these functions, freelancers and employers can also schedule requests for payments and payment delivery, respectively. The CRM system can produce work reports on the basis of a set period, such as a week, fortnight, month, or even a year, depending upon the complexity and length of the projects.


Work time management:

Making all the necessary data available on a single platform equips a freelancer with the tools to plan ahead and create an optimal workflow. This is especially important for effective prioritization, micro-management, time management and a quicker turnaround, enabling the freelancer to work on more projects and do it with a structured time-frame.

Integrated invoicing:

Freelancers or employers can closely link their workflow with the invoice generation tool. Milestones can be set up for a project, wherein the work is divided into multiple parts that can either be based on the portion of work done or the time taken for a part or any other appropriate, measurable metric. These milestones can then automatically generate invoices as soon as they are met, minimizing the time that is utilized in the unnecessary back-and-forth between the employer and the freelancer.

Cloud sharing:

All digital data related to a project can be stored in the cloud, providing swift access to all the involved parties for both current and future use. This eliminates redundant searching for the required files and documents and ensures that the data is available anywhere and at all times. For example, cloud sharing can let an employer assess the project content whether they’re in the office, in their home, or even when they’re on the go.

All of the before-mentioned features are crucial when it comes to proper work management and even more so when a large chunk of data needs to be processed by a single freelancer. A Kapdesk single license user bundles up these features into one whole package, right from providing tools for proper work time management to integrated invoicing so that the freelancer is never left too encumbered by the sheer amount of work.

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