Using proper CRM Tool

How does CRM deliver a clear direction for your sales activity and transactions?

Using proper CRM Tool

The real estate industry of today has achieved a state of market saturation from a constant influx of aspiring real estate agents who are all determined to become the top marketer. The vast pool of agents for property buyers and sellers to choose from has exponentially increased the time it takes for the customer to vet and select an agent.
On the other side of the coin, quality agents are getting lost in the crowd and require unnecessary amounts of self-branding to simply make themselves visible to the public.

The issue has escalated to the point where even though every agent essentially provides identical services, better-performing real estate agents must differentiate themselves in order to have a semblance of chance at reaching their customers and becoming a successful agent.

The most important solution to this apparent issue is investing resources for the purpose of self-branding. This is for making the general public aware about the agent’s service offerings and gives them a way to interact with the agent. Integrating this process with a CRM software allows an agent to effectively market themselves to their target audience, simply by optimizing their marketing channel(s) and sales operations.

Offline Campaigns:

An agent can make themselves visible to potential property investors by running offline campaigns in specific locations. When integrated with CRM, an agent can study customer data and map out prospective locations where these campaigns can be run to achieve maximum visibility.

It also allows the agent to tweak their services in the context of the customer who’s looking to sell, buy or simply invest in the real estate in that specific location. This is particularly useful for creating personal relationships with the customers and makes them realize that the agent will work only for their benefit.

Marketing Returns:

After the agent has marketed them self, they must make sure to record the feedback that is generated by the customers. Maybe a customer is looking for a specific house, or requires certain amenities, or maybe they prefer real estate in a certain location. All this data can be centralized for the benefit of the agent, who can then use it to personalize their offerings for the investors and help them get exactly what they want.

Marketing Channels:

Technology is constantly improving, and as more and more people start adopting it, the capability of communication keeps on expanding. A realtor is no longer restricted to the conventional methods of communication to reach out to their customers. With the advent of the Internet, they can form multiple marketing channels, such as social media, online media, print media, business through references, etc.

Concentrating all this data into a single CRM marketing platform allows the agent to never miss out on an interaction, and equips them with the tools to better engage with the investors. This usually means lesser wastage, more turnover, and eventually more business and referrals.

Long-term Sales Funnel:

Handling the end-to-end process of marketing the agent, recognizing potential leads, working with the leads, and finally landing a sale requires preparation from the agent’s side. Constructing a long-term sales plan that details every step of the process goes a long way at effectively managing it. A sales funnel depicts the number of prospective leads generated from any campaigns, the filtering of eventual hot leads, and finally the number of conversions made.

This tool pinpoints the problem areas for the agent so that they can work on them and improve consistently to create more business.

Scheduling Plans:

Once the broader idea is setup, CRM also allows for micro-managing the essential parts of the process, such as scheduling a meet with the investor, sending them information about probable real estate properties, etc. All these interactions can be automated to optimally suit the investor’s requirements, and also gives the agent enough time to work on the nitty-gritty parts.

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