How Kapture CRM’s Self Service Portal is Revolutionizing eCommerce in App Customer Support

A knowledge Base can increase your customer retention by 85% by vastly improving your customer service management with targeted FAQ'S that help users solve their own problem through a self-service portal

What is a Self Service Portal?

Self-service portals are keys that you hand over to your customers to solve their own problems by accessing your various channels for support without giving you a call or sending you a message.

How Do Self Service Portals Improve Customer Experience?

A study recently reported that companies that offered their customers portals to solve their own problems through knowledge bases and automated chatbots saw an 85% increase in customer retention rates.

As the study shows that more customers prefer to solve their own problems, businesses can achieve these statistics if they implement knowledge bases that have a great UI design and are responsive to the queries that customers are frequently looking for.


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How to Write a Knowledge Base That Gets The Point Across

Knowledge bases that are filled with technical jargon can be off-putting. Your guides need to have a conversational flow and not a one-way thing. In this case, your content team needs to create a virtual customer avatar. With proper demographics, they can pretend that this customer is a friend asking them to solve a problem.

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What Does a Knowledge Base For an eCommerce Application Look Like

Kapture CRM’S knowledge base can be used to speed up in application customer service.

Here’s a look at what the workflow looks like:

Let’s assume that your customer bought a t-shirt from you that does not fit and wants to return it.

Once Kapture’s knowledge base has been implemented, the consumer can find multiple options in the menu which can help in determining the next steps.

Once he hits the customer service option he is sent to the knowledge base within the application.


The consumer can go through the FAQs where he can get the knowledge about the issue he was facing and also the next steps to resolve the current query. In case the knowledge base has still not helped him and he needs assistance, he can either call the service or send a message through the chat option.

As soon as the chat is initiated, it will be generated as a chat ticket and will be assigned to the available agent.


Implementing a self-service Knowledgebase is a cost-effective way for you to improve customer retention. But an essential ingredient is your content’s ability to blow them away. Your FAQ’s must anticipate their problems and should give them an option to either solve it themselves or get in touch with you.

Kapture’s Knowledge Base can be easily integrated into your existing e-commerce application and can significantly improve your overall support operation.


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