CRM for Internet Companies

Increase support team’s efficiency with powerful ecommerce integrations and close more queries in same time.

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  • Support Team Performance
  • Refund Process Report
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Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies

Water Tight Integration with your existing ecommerce platform

With Kapture CRM’s integration capabilities be rest assured of all integrations with your already existing ecommerce platform. Get all necessary information with respect to each customer and each order all at one place without the struggle of checking through multiple tabs while working on each incoming request.

Integrate your very own mobile app

With easy app integration, Kapture can help you upgrade your support system and make your business more mobile.

Mobile App Chat

Kapture can allow your customers to send instant chat messages against their orders through your very own mobile app.

Give Instant Support

Solve real time issues and avoid delayed responses. Every delayed response can be lost order. Increase your order booking chances by 20% with instant support.

Pull Customer Data

With each conversation, Kapture pulls important customer data and automatically updates your customer database and reflects all latest information.

Sell more with web live chat

With Kapture’s live chat support, empower your team to sell more. With effective up-sell and cross-sell strategies, help your website visitors shop more during and increase your sales. Easily integrates with existing live chat plug-ins also.

Manage promotional mailers

With easy app integration, Kapture can help you upgrade your support system and make your business more mobile.

Marketing Mailers

Save all marketing mailers in Kapture and send periodic promotional mailers to a filtered category of recipients from the whole customer database. Get detailed insights from each mailer campaign and know the conversion rate of each.

Subscription Reminders

Manage subscriptions and auto-send periodic renewal and fee reminders, to customers. Understand customer shopping pattern with the help of Kapture’s analytics and up sell bigger subscription packages.

Auto-assign queries to teams

Sit back and relax while Kapture automatically distributes all your incoming customer requests to your support executives source wise, product wise, priority wise or based on any other pre defined rules. Enjoy a cluttered free space and see only the requests pertaining to your specific team. This, plus a live dashboard that gives you a segregated view of your customer requests – complaints, exchange requests, order issues, delivery issues or any category.

Ticket Inbox – better than your mailbox

Each conversation pulled from multiple channels becomes a separate ticket with an unique ticket id. All your tickets lies within your ticket inbox relevant classified tags and labels. Allow your team to work on each of these tickets from the ticket inbox just like your regular inbox.


Set auto-assign or manually assign your tickets to another team member.


Access a clutter free inbox and get a filtered view of tickets assigned to you/your team only.


Check real time status of each ticket whether closed or pending.


Access basic customer information from the same screen.


Deep dive into each ticket and learn the details of each case.


Add notes to each ticket for future reference.

Dive into past data

Avoid hassle of opening multiple tabs to check for details and keeping the customer on hold for long.

Be prepared to take each incoming call, answer each mail and send a quick reply to all your chats with all necessary case details available at your finger tips. Get a single screen view to each of your case details at the left side and conversation thread on to your right side.

Customer & Order Details

With a flash of customer details on your screen every time a call comes in, your team can be well prepared in advance to take up the call. Know right about the customer’s latest order, its shipping address, mode of payment, refund status and other important details readily available on your tips.

Past Interactions

Keep track of customer’s past information like previous orders placed, exchange requests, refunds filed, complaints within single screen view. Ensure quick query resolution time with these handy information.

Easy integration with major logistic partners

Kapture easily integrates with your existing logistic solutions and gives your agent a first hand information on the delivery status, delivery time and other issues pertaining of each order. Avoid checking in with the logistics team for every single order and help your customers with instant information on their order status. With small yet powerful tools reduce your team’s response time and increase your team’s efficiency drastically.

Knowledge Base

Keep help ready always to resolve complex issues. With an enriched library of videos, manuals, FAQs and articles deliver instant support regarding product usage, installation, troubleshooting demos etc. Provide orientation and training to each new member of support team through an in-built knowledge base and make him ground ready from day 2.

Alerts & Escalations

Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies

Identify loop holes and reduce turnaround time with a good escalation system in place. Let the system alert support agents for all pending tickets. Get a filtered view of tickets that have been pending for long and needs immediate attention. Kapture can auto escalate tickets to team heads and subsequent heads if it is sitting idle in the support agent’s inbox for long.


Kapture CRM Software for Internet Companies