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Online reviews, peer feedback and word of mouth publicity are major factors in driving businesses in today’s world. A few scathing reviews on Yelp, Foursquare or even Facebook can garner negative publicity. A handful of unsatisfied customers can tweet your business to its undoing. Fast action and quick responses to customer complaints and feedback are essential to push your brand forward in this age of instant gratification. And nobody is a bigger champion of instant gratification than the Millennial generation.

Who are Millennials?

Technically the Millennial generation includes the 80 million odd individuals born between the early 80s and early 2000. Other than occupying a major share of the international as well as the American workforce, this generation also possesses the highest purchasing power (over trillions of dollars). Focusing your customer service towards this demographic will boost your business in multiple ways. A major chunk of buying decisions made by them is influenced considerably by word of mouth. Every customer who leaves satisfied will be a spokesperson for the brand. Let’s find out how you can tap into this stream of free publicity by modifying the voice of your brand’s customer service.

Understanding Millennials – What makes them tick?

Millennials are quite large and varying demographics. To understand their customer service needs, we should first address the few common factors tying the majority of this group together.

Millennials are self-reliant. When faced with a challenge, they try to comprehend it themselves. Their primary response to a difficult situation is, “How can I fix this?” Unlike their predecessors, this generation does not require constant hand-holding through the user experience. This is why most brand websites that include comprehensive FAQ sections, troubleshooting guidelines, and even community forums are deemed as more millennial-friendly.

Millennials are tech-savvy. Millennials have grown up with the latest technologies. In fact, their influence is significant in shaping the current technology landscape. They are not afraid to put their knowledge to work in order to improve their lives. They want real-time responses. They want access to information. And they want it now. Their technological acumen opens them up to multiple avenues of customer service. Live chat options, SMS service, email service are all service mediums that this generation values, even more than actual conversations over calls.

Millennials demand authenticity. They value relationships, even those that are purely consumer based. They don’t want a trained customer service agent reading off from a script. They want genuine, informal interaction with a person who sincerely wants to improve their user experience.

Millennials are experimental. They want new experiences, but not at the cost of top-notch service. When they abide by a brand, it’s quite difficult to shake their loyalty. Just look at the iSheep crowd and their unwavering, almost stubborn dedication to Apple. However, this generation is also ready to experiment and accept novice brands/products with much less resistance than any other generation.

How to strategize your CRM to target Millennials

CRM specialization is the easiest way to target this very influential and prominent target group. Now that we have understood what makes millennials tick, it’s time to put the CRM wheels in motion and employ specific CRM strategies to capture and hold the attention of the millennials.

Find them on social media

A staggering 41% of millennials are now opting for social media platforms as their information source as well as a crucial communication network. Millennial customers are, therefore, easier to reach through the vast social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Gone are the days of collecting phone numbers and email IDs. Now, if you want to connect with your millennial customers on a more daily and intimate basis, you have to take it online. These are the people who will check their emails or browse through Facebook or Twitter when they have a minute or two on their hands. 81% of millennials have an active Twitter account. 87% of men and 91% of women aged between 20 and 35 have an active Facebook account.

According to a recent SocialTimes article, 62% of social media users search for product information and news from brands, while another 60% communicates directly with the different brands on these social media platforms. As a B2C business, you need to direct your CRM efforts into collecting and storing social media details of prospective leads and preexisting customers.

According to Nielsen’s 2016 Social Media Report, 41% of consumers who spent around 2 hours or less on Social Media, have made online purchases worth at least $500 in the last 12 months. Therefore, B2C promotion and selling have found a very strong platform in social media. By cashing in on this trend, businesses can grab the attention of more and more millennials. Empower your customer experience management with Kapture CRM to collect and store Facebook addresses and Instagram handles from prospective clients and uses them to channel your marketing efforts.

Seek real-time behavioural insights

Kapture CRM comes with monitoring tools that help you collect real-time information about your customers that you could be used to discover insights in their purchasing behaviours. A majority of millennials (87%) use more than one digital devices and platforms on a daily basis. This provides multiple contact points at which marketers can target them for their products or services. For example, they might be visiting a brand’s retail website on their laptop, communicate with the customer service executive via a phone app, and respond to e-mailers on their tablets all within a short time span.

Kapture CRM assists at studying this real-time data and creating unique customer profiles for each individual. It helps you collect concise data about the customer’s buying history and their interest patterns. According to 76% of marketers, real-time customer data is crucial in precise targeting, while according to 67% marketers it is vital in satisfying customers.

Fine-tune the customer service process through tracking

It is extremely important to track all interactions between existing and potential customers and your service executives. With Kapture CRM, your system operatives can compile previous communications happening on the phone, email, social media or direct messaging channels. This opens up avenues for retrospection, feedback and fine-tuning.

Millennials are obsessed with the best quality of customer service. 25% of millennials expect an immediate response within minutes of having contacted a brand on social media. These demands can be met only through a CRM system like Kapture that can be fine-tuned to your business requirements.

A HYBRID Customer Service Experience

The obsession with customizing every aspect of their lives governs even the kind of service that millennials demand – a streamlined technical process, with just the right amount of a human touch. They want to be involved in the service process and they expect personalized, off-script assistance to their individual concerns.

Despite common assumptions that tend to portray them in a negative light, millennials don’t want more. They just want different.

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