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Ticket Management system

Address calls, emails, chat, social media, and more from one platform. Industry-specific workflows, water-tight integrations, single sign-on with multiple cloud telephony partners. Ticket ageing analysis reports, rule based escalation metrics, and ticket routing can be done with customer ticketing system. When every query becomes a ticket, and every ticket resolved under SLA; that’s when you know you’re using right customer support software.

Customer 360

View entire conversation history for each customer on a single thread. Queries, past tickets, feedback, general conversation all instantly accessed and available. A contact management software should provide personalized support with the entire history of customer interactions at hand. Your customers shouldn’t have to repeat themselves to multiple agents each time they contact your business.

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Knowledge Base

Empowered agents with instant product and service updates right on their own dashboard. Self-help system with how-to articles for smarter support. On-board new agents to your service center with close to 0 training time. Resolve tough tickets with ease using instant FAQs.

Omnichannel Support

Kapture’s multi-channel customer support integration helps you focus on the customers’ conversations, enabling you provide exceptional customer service through each and every customer support channel. Provide support from multiple channels like phone, email, chat, Social Media, In-app messaging, etc. to ensure that you and your customer are on the same page.

Interaction History

Know your customers before you start a conversation. View your consumers’ past interaction, history, their preferences, and much more through Kapture’s smart helpdesk ticket software. This helps you know your customers, resulting in more engaging and meaningful conversations.

Ticket Resolution

Prioritize, assign, and track each customer support ticket in a simple mailbox interface. Resolve bulk tickets with ease. Real time call recording and agent monitoring. Set multiple triggers. Configure agent shift seamlessly. Let's also not forget mobile ticketing that enables you to service customers on field and that also sends LIVE updates.

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