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In today’s business world, Customer Service automation is one of larger buzz word. Almost all businesses puts as much or more stress on customer experience as well as on advertising.

As late great Steve Jobs puts it ‘brand value is sum total of your company’s client interaction and every interaction needs to add to that experience’.

Irresistibly simple, your brand is sum total of your customer experience. Each of your great customer experience forms stories that create brand new building block for your business. When you regularly satisfy your clients, your brand achieves consistent growth.

Even for larger brands, brand building is a continued activity. One needs to consistently provide improving customer experience; otherwise your brand simply gets stagnant and jaded. At these circumstances, all brands take a much more conscious approach adapting customer service automation.

Among them are these five trail blazers, who have built and augmented their brand value through service automation. Here, we examine their application of customer service automation.

1. Zappos – Shoes, Clothing

In highly competitive and largely established industry, Zappos has created a special place and position through smart customer service. They provide a simple USP – Customers can buy products, try them and decide on keeping or returning them.

Through smart service automation, they may return products much easy and simple. Strong back-end automation ensures customers don’t need to go through end-less loops of emails to return a product.

Hence their tag line also comes from their service benefits ‘powered by Service.’ Nothing advertises customer automation better.

2. Amazon – Almost synonymous with online Shopping


Nobody needs an introduction to Amazon’s product catalog or authenticity. But no-body takes notice how service experience has played a part at their growth.

With their larger product diversity, there’s also diversity on their issues. Instead of providing a common call number to resolve all their complaints, Amazon’s help page enables clients to take-up their issue at a later stage of communication.

Amazon service software segregates and streamlines customer issues to a relevant service provider, giving faster resolution at either ends. It enables amazon to handle their customary high volume sales.

In the recent times, Indian e-tailer’ssuch as flipkart has successfully adopted sharper customer care for meeting local audience.

3. HostGator – Web Hosting

In a highly competitive and low-margin Industry, HostGator has arguably one of better customer service automation stories. Instead of massive advertising campaigns, HostGator focuses on building highly satisfying customer experience.

In-case of a small business owner, building and maintaining a website could take immense technical knowledge. Most business owners are unequipped to maintain these complex tasks, resultantly delegating it to professional teams.

HostGator technical team provides an easier and cheaper substitute. They provide technical resolutions about web hosting remotely; they almost act as consultants for running their websites.

The second link leads to a comprehensive list of various consumer problems, with ability to initiate a conversation with concerned teams. You can also chat with expert IT professionals to obtain in-depth insights about tweaking websites for search engine benefits.

All these have made Hostgator into a favorite hosting provider for both web experts and complete novices.

4. Nestle – Chocolates and Cookies


Alright, we have discussed how service automation enables brands to build and service for mass audiences. But in an online world, earning bits and mentions of positive words from few influential bloggers could make a big difference. Nestle provides an expert handling of case, which could have turned into a big brand scar into a positive mention. When a popular travel blogger blogged about their imperfect Raisinets, it could have been an Internet and PR mishap. With ability for early recognition of brand mention and a smart witty response, Nestle turned a great corner and got praise.

5. American Express ( or any other banks)

American Express
Just mentioning ‘American Express’ for its overwhelming familiarity, banking sector altogether have become an unlikely winner for smart service automation.

Under high-level of competition and confidentiality, banks require fool-proof and faster customer approach strategy. A smart automation program lets you strategize multiple level security programs that minimize risks. Automation feature also avoids risks of Social engineering, which could have gripped banking processes.

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