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How to track Your offline campaigns reach and ROI

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Have you ever glanced at roadside banner and to your instant wonder, realize that they are advertising an online enterprise.

Why would any online enterprise take their mediums to a jaded side post, when they could put up a much more attractive page at their online assets; Or they could simply put-up 3rd party website ad’s to direct traffic to parent website.

But most online companies continue to use offline medium as an active form of advertising. This includes News paper Advertisements, Advertisement design, road side banners and newsletter distribution. Amongst various banners and roadside signs, you can spot international brands, NGO’s and various organizations.

Even with increase in number of mediums and marketing complexity, Good old offline advertising remains to be an attractive channel.

Perhaps the oldest form of advertising (remember those old Western’s with Notices stamped onto posts), it has seen steady rise in competition at past century. Starting from radio’s and on-air recommendations to modern animation based ads, offline campaigns are just one among a big rooster containing many big birds. When it was just two or three banners split among various divisions, one could easily determine and identify successful campaigns. But coming with proliferation of multiple campaigns, this has become increasingly challenging and complex task.

In case of website and online advertising, you have live updates of visitor and revenue, enabling consistent ROI reports. With various marketing streams pulling for fixed revenue, demonstrating a consistent ROI and visibility is a key to running offline campaigns. CRM software helps you to generate marketing campaigns consisting of precise ROI reports and analytics.

Build and Streamline Your Offline Campaigns

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A well-run offline campaign consists of multiple points of visibility strung throughout City. With number of leads increasing, one could easily get confused about source of every particular lead.

Unless, you are selling a Consumer Product (like FMCG), you need to streamline your campaign points to places where it getting maximum visibility, But if you are running a realtor campaign, you need to identify demand of each project associated with each point. CRM software helps you identify frequent enquires and their nature coming from each spot. If your ad is having a particularly high response rate for a particular ad, now you can realign your neighborhood for that particular and have better chances of success.

Build and streamline your offline campaigns

Identify and Assign Lead Sources

Your banner advertising could be multiple points spread across City. You need to individually track contribution of each of ads, as they are individual investment.

With assigning a particular number to each lead source, you can accurately and precisely follow contribution of each lead source.

Gauge and Change Marketing Messages

As offline spaces are bought over a period of time, insufficient returns are a big issue. Let’s say you have bought a highly lucrative advertising point paying a hefty amount. In case you are not getting leads from that point, you may have trouble at that advertising point.

In this case, there could be a problem with your advertising message or its nature. A traffic junction signal point affords you a few sentences to stare and read. But you are lucky if you get a passing glance at a highway banner.

CRM reporting and analytics helps you identify and gauge on separate marketing scenario’s.

Newspaper and Magazine Ad’s

With offline campaigns involving Newspaper or Magazine, you are approaching different audience segments.
CRM reporting system enables you to identify response rate for each specific audience. Now you can use the perspective information to sharpen your advertising strategy and create more targeted ads.

Identifying other Marketing Metrics

Today, you can gauge success of marketing through various methods,direct sales being only one among them. Your marketing could give you increased visibility, identification, association etc… All of these are expected to turn into future sales.

Kapture CRM reporting and analytics, holds somewhere around 350+ Reports. Now you track progress of multiple factors across table, further delivering comprehensive reports on campaign ROI.
For any offline or mobile campaign marketing one need to be acutely aware and promising of given opportunity and challenges.

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