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CRM Software For Social Platforms – Avoid Noise And Reach Your Customers

Gone are those days when marketing strategies were just focused on offline mode and social media was just for socialising. Now a day the scenario has changed completely. Traditional forms of marketing are slowly transforming to more interactive and social approach. Almost all the corporate companies have their own social media handle through which they market their product or services or that mater.

Social media plays a very important role for companies, because people interact freely on social media, rather than on other channels. You will be able to understand and communicate better through it. Social media is a very important tool for the companies nowadays. It is used as a grievance sharing portal by many companies. It allows them to address grievances of customers better and initiate meaningful communication.

Nowadays, there are many businesses based on social media. So, one of their major source of lead generation is their social media handle itself. Over here the social media page itself acts as a source of lead generation. Also you can monitor what your audience are talking about you. Social media is a strong platform which influences a large number of people and has a far and varied reach.

In such a scenario social CRM plays a very important role for all the companies. CRM can also help with facebook marketing. There are many other positive aspects of social CRM software, which helps you to perform better and helps you reach your customer :

Integrate the Social media channels :

Social CRM is prefect to integrate different social channels in one platform. It is easier to monitor all the channels through a single platform. Different social media channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin and many others can be viewed through the CRM. As social media is a very important part of business nowadays, it acts as a communication channel between the company and its customers.

As all these channels can be integrated in the CRM, you can get all the communication of your company on one centralized CRM platform. It becomes very easy to revert to all the communication from one platform rather that answering one by one in all the channels. Also it is faster to revert via message through the CRM. Faster you reply to the messages, better impression your customers will have about you. Let’s see how it works for different social media channels.

Facebook :

Tickets can be created by pulling feedback from facebook, coming in the forms of tag or messages. These tickets can then be seen and responded to, on the dashboard.

Twitter :

Tickets can also be created by getting feedbacks from particular hashtags of the client. The ticket raised can also be viewed on the dashboard integrated with Twitter.

Blog :

One can also view enquiries generated through keywords from the blog on the dashboard.

More Leads :

As social media is a big platform for your customers to reach you, it is also a platform for your prospective clients to reach you. It is an interactive form of communication, so it is preferred more than the others. The leads you get from social media are refined and are mostly of interested customers. So it helps you reach your customers by avoiding all the noise. Also you can view on the CRM if you got the lead through facebook marketing or other social media channels.

Therefore Social CRM is very necessary for your business and brand as a whole, and it helps to avoid all the noise and communicate better with customers.

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