Kapture CRM Gamification

How CRM gamification is key to proficient lead management

 Kapture CRM Gamification

 In the field of business, everything seems to be going on a plane road very silently and gently. Employees work day and night, sometimes get tensed, stressed and find work difficult. This may lead to decrease in business efficiency. So, to avoid this kind of problems, certain games can be be played. These games should not bring any sort of problems for business in future days.

We need a tool to make this game more attractive and effective. So, CRM software can be used to play these games. Customer Relationship Management is vital for business growth. So to have a better customer relationship CRM software is used. CRM software makes use of many CRM tools that are very much important for business development.

Bringing games in to business, makes it interesting within and outside the business. Saves time in certain ways and employees get the benefit of it. All in all games refresh business process.

Few of the gaming technique that are implemented in business using CRM are:

To Target Customers :

Every employee is given a certain duration of time and is asked to complete a specific target of customers per day/week/month. This tests the potential of every employee which is very important in handling customers and their leads. This also lifts up the spirit of the employees to reach the target they have to complete and gain personal success.

Keep levels based on Performance :

After the time duration is completed, every employee performance is calculated based on the number of customers or leads managed in the given time. Points are given for their performance. Those with more points move up in the performance level. This leads to a healthy completion among the employees.

Leader Boards for friendly competition :

Once the points are rewarded for every employee, the positions keep changing on the leader board. This is more like a points table in an indoor game where each employee fights in a friendly way to beat another one in terms of points. At the end of the week or month, top positioned employee is rewarded with a surprise. The rest gets another chance. This also motivates one’s self and encourages others to improve personally as well as professionally. This gaming method increases marketing which in turn increases leads, then customers, service and eventually sales.

Encourage towards Success :

Wining and loosing is a part of every game. This is even applicable to business games. One may come up as a winner but, it is within the business limit. Meanwhile others also have contributed for the success of business. This is called team work. This gaming helps to build a strong relationship among the employees, creates good moral, encourages each and every individual and makes business life beautiful.

Business Growth :

As mentioned above, business games not only brings a good change in the business but also for the employees. They work with comfort, which makes them feel good about their work life. The good moral helps them to work efficiently.

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