Benefits of CRM Integration: Social Media Marketing Channels

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Customer Relationship building has shown its importance in the market, for every business and its customers alike and clearly, a CRM is the need of the hour! An integrated social media marketing aspect for the CRM is somewhat of a new topic and a mighty hot one at that!

Debates have been on forever, to see which CRM suits which business needs the best and the hottest topic has been on how social marketing can be synchronized with the CRM, to obscure best results for a business.

Social CRM

A variety of functions like the sales, marketing and service/support functions, which are required to move a customer through a sales pipeline, are what comprise a CRM.

While the traditional CRM was all about data and information gathering on clients and customers, the social CRM focuses on the Marketing & PR and also on the service & support aspects of it. The customer is now the focal point of the planning and operations of a company.

Integrate social media with CRM

It is difficult to separate social media management from a CRM, customer relationship management, as the current needs of the market and industries demand a digital integration of the CRM as well. When you are investing so much of your business resources in generating leads and smoothing the business functions, taking help from the social platform would seem like an ideal plan now, wouldn’t it?

1. Good merger platform

A CRM highly benefits with the integration of social media to it as it gets the best of both the technology and the digital and social worlds, as well! Clients and customers can now be catered to, in a better format, once you have a social database for them as well.

2. Right resources

To ensure that all the nuances of social media platforms are being curbed well, a CRM is brought in the picture. The meticulous data building and lead classification of the CRM ensures that social media platforms are being used in the right and most resourceful manner, for client satisfaction.

3. Timely manner of response

Making sure that your support team can respond to a customer as fast and as quickly as possible is ideal and the real-time data and updates of the CRM make it happen very effectively.

4. Offering customers multiple reach options

With the help of social marketing with a CRM, you can let your customers get n touch with you over various platforms and give their convenience a preference.

When social marketing can collaborate with the CRM features, everything from personalized interactions with customers on their interests and preferences to converting potential customers into leads is possible.

Social CRM has now become a means of engagement for the businesses which use CRM software. All the features of the CRM, like their sales automation, lead automation and operations and delivery can now be synced with the social marketing aspects, to generate highly warm or hot leads, which pass the sales funnel in no time.

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