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How Marketing Automation can turn your Business into a Mobile Juggernaut?

Marketing automation tools

For both online and offline marketing circumstances, there’s a popular adage that you need to be present where your customers come’.

Today most customers make their purchases on mobile phones, and this makes mobile into a primary target for both marketers and business makers.

Increasing number of purchases and customer inquiries are based on mobile platform; It requires businesses to turn towards the potential of mobile for completing purchases.

But unlike traditional mediums, the mobile medium doesn’t have a clear-cut guide to advertising. Even when you publish on a mobile-centred platform, it doesn’t guarantee success or visibility. In addition, mobile platforms are highly expensive and don’t provide a direct means of advertising.

With traditional marketing methodologies providing incomplete solutions, one needs to have mobile-focused strategies for enterprises. Under these circumstances, CRM-based marketing automation lets you build a mobile-centred business.

For understanding the significance of marketing automation, one needs to first understand the difference between mobile and desktop platform.

Decoding Differences between Mobile and Desktop Platform

For running mobile-focused marketing, you need to understand the key difference between mobile and desktop as user platforms. These key differences are critical to run a mobile-oriented marketing operation.

Customers Patience:

While a PC user has the patience to go through time-consuming browsing, mobile customers have lesser patience. They are expecting to choose and manage product decisions the easiest way and in the least time-consuming manner.

On-demand Products:

A CRM helps you devise on-demand products for your customer. One needs to provide customer customization and variable packages as per your customer requirements.

Ease of Use:

The customers demand that the mobile interface remains easily understandable and flexible. Both of these require understanding the client requirements and perspective with the availability of minimum information.


As mobile-based queries come with shorter life-cycles, one needs to be reachable for every lead. One also needs to decide when to walk away from a lead, avoiding time lost. CRM-based processing consolidates multiple client queries through a single platform, availing lead processing at a higher speed.

Key Features of a Mobile-Oriented Business

Based on the above points, the mobile business needs processes that keep customers in its centre points. More than availing an app or mobile website, you need to fulfil the audience expectations fitted with mobile capabilities.

Marketing automation helps you build a connected experience that fulfils the desired customer experience.

Instant Customer Communications

Modern business is required to receive and respond to customer queries within minutes. This is because all client communications are based on queries that are raised and closed within seconds.

Under marketing automation, all your queries are streamlined through a single platform. This motivates the customers to go onto next level communication, gradually leading to conversion. Increased customer engagement brings the opportunity to purchase.

Leads Need to be Engaged

For most business, converting leads into customers is a lengthy process. During this process, one needs to keep detailed information about individual leads, including previous conversations and requirements. CRM helps you maintain the lengthy engagement, combined with precise inquiry management.

Intelligent Choice of Marketing Platform

As every business has its own suited marketing platform, one needs to iterate and find the optimal marketing stream. You also need to recognize, appeal and meet your customer expectation. This requires the choice of suitable marketing platforms that could be common to your target audience.

With integrating marketing automation features, you can distinguish key factors of the customer communication loop.

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