Kapture Sales Process

How CRM Gamification Model Directly Improves Your Sales Process?

Kapture Sales Process

Sales could be argued to be the most significant part of an organization. Comparatively, it could have the function of the heart in a human body, pumping the significant nourishment to all body parts. In sales, rather than food and oxygen, you are practically creating and circumventing money through your organization.

When the stakes are so high, it’s absolutely natural that tempers may flay. Decisions could be hastily taken, facts may go unchecked and messages could get misunderstood or misinterpreted for that matter. As a combined result, your sales could end-up on a categorically serious situation.

In these circumstances, a CRM – gamification approach instantly allows you to manage sales with a higher proficiency.

What is Gamification Mode of Operating Sales

The word ‘gamification’, simply refers to adapting principles of games to improve and adapt to modern business circumstances.

A simple gamification model can breeze you through otherwise hard tasks by streamlined and structured decision making. This ensures that your employees are conscious of every decision while meeting requisite standards of speed and efficiency.

1. Managing Multiple Quotations

When your sales associates meet multiple customers throughout the day, you could be required to create multiple quotations. When you start with multiple quotations, updates and modification could instantly increase your number of quotations. Under CRM-gamification model, you can create optimal to least feasible quotation for a given product or service. It enables sales personnel to approve or reject orders with utmost conviction.

2. Smooth and Fast Order Processing

After receiving the order, the process of dispatching and managing stocks become next pressing stage. As delayed product dispatch often results in order cancellation, CRM-integration instantly updates payment collection and inventory across platforms. This allows you to proceed in a streamlined fashion.

3. Create a better sales Pitch

Each of your customer-base comes with different convictions, each requiring its own custom sales pitch. CRM reports and analytics lets you simulate customer conversations and convictions. In-turn you can use this information to update sales information and offer custom sales pitch.

4. Incentivize your employees

In gaming, you are continually winning points for moving forward. Likewise, managing individual employee accounts, you can reward employees for making the desired progress. It allows you to identify, attribute and reward each contribution. This motivates and incentivizes your employees throughout the lengthy sales processes.

5. Incentivize your Customers

As it’s hard to develop a loyal and regular customer base, you need to incentivize regular and consistent purchases. With CRM Implementation, you can recognize and incentivize your regular customers.

6. Develop Scorecard Motivations

Despite your personal convictions, humans are competitive by nature. With a private CRM dashboard, your employees could be ranked on specific relevant parameters. This builds a healthy competitive spirit among your employees and helps collectively increases the number sales at any given point in time.

7. Zoning Employees and Customers

With creating custom employee zones, you can section your core employees and customers with more efficiency. Likewise, gaming involves multiple hindrances and challenges at multiple stages.

8. Manage Multiple Sales Funnel Stages

If you have ever experienced the joy of getting to next stage of a game, you understand the concept of sales funnel. Here, your individual leads needs to be transitioned to the next stage, albeit on a professional level. A sales funnel allows you to follow each lead progression, ending-up as winning a customer.

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