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Invoice Management Software

For small and large businesses alike, accurate invoicing is a critical step towards getting paid. As it’s the penultimate step before completing a purchase, one needs to pay special attentions to this substantial step before the completion of every purchase. A CRM Invoice Management Software helps you overcome limitations of traditional CRM system, guiding you towards a more poignant sales process.

Automate Professional Invoice Creation

As mentioned, both small and large businesses need to have professional invoicing, especially small businesses. An invoice informs the recipient about professionalism and accurate knowledge about each aspect of the current invoice management software.

In a normal process, an in-depth invoice requires collaboration between multiple departments and activities. When the invoicing carries low-reception rates, this could turn out to be a large volume of wasted work.

CRM software connects, collaborates between different organizational parts, creates invoices from invoice management software. This allows you to raise custom invoices for a large number of customers, hence promoting flexibility and reducing customer drop-off ratio for better sales figures.

Manage Multiple Templates

Ever been in a situation, where your default template couldn’t possibly attract your core buyer. You could also feel changing customer preferences and the need to implement more flexible templates. This ends up with your customer facing template saturation. With a set of inbuilt selected templates, you can overcome the template-saturation issues.

No Export or Import

CRM invoicing normally doesn’t involve any importing. You also need not import any data. It’s also free from contacting different departments to create a comprehensive invoice. It’s because all services are provided based on an integrated CRM system. All services rendered to a customer gets specifically entered into a CRM system. This allows you to instantly create complete invoices with all the added activities. This protocol also simplifies managing customer accounts.

Faster Invoice Management

For maximum response, your invoice needs to be received within an optimal time-window for every customer. The concerned time-limit is based upon decision-making time and processing time for each invoice. CRM integration adds a significant fraction of speed to your order processing, that positively affects your sales cycles and increases efficiency.

Manage Variable Pricing Package

For every business, one constantly faces clients requesting order-oriented cost renewal. When customer may request changes depending on current order, conventionally multiple persons need to be notified about the changes. Your regular and loyal customers may also demand a differentiated pricing rate than your regular customer. Under this situation, a CRM gives you the option to add varying discount % to every order or customer. You can also release invoices considering allocated discounts for every client.

Receive and Collect Payments

Kapture CRM invoices embed a safe link for your customers to visit an integrated payment gateway and complete payments. This makes your payment collection an easy and straight forward way. Your collected payments also get streamlined to a single interface and send E-mail/SMS intimations to a concerned number.

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