5 ways your brand will benefit by implementing social CRM

Today, all brands and businesses strive to build rock-solid social media profiles. Most companies have dedicated teams to manage their social presence, and their job is to keep social media buzzing with activities.
Having the right people equipped with the right tools greatly increases the reach and appeal of your efforts. Here are five ways in which social CRM can be beneficial for your business.

Increase your Social Media Interactions

During the last couple of years, social media has overtaken search as the biggest source of combined referral traffic. In the coming years, these contributions are progressively going to grow. Last year also saw the growing importance of mobile app as a source of traffic.

With search medium being completely dominated by big business conglomerates, acquiring search traffic has become incredibly difficult. Here, social media beckons to be the best resource for direct client interactions. Having social CRM lets you create and follow long-form customer conversations, thereby increasing the total interactions.

Expand your Buyers Pool

It’s a common experience that users of similar interest always flock together on social media. They also tend to readily follow fellow users to purchase recommendations. This makes social media into a highly lucrative platform for tapping into new potential buyer’s resource with minimal effort. For example, when you gain a new Facebook follower, it attracts immediate attention among his friends with similar interests. With focusing on an individual customer, you can convert him into a sneezer for your business.

Being geared to spark conversations, social CRM enables you to directly interact with the existing audience base. Further, you can create long-form conversations concerning your product. This will spike specific interest concerning each individual user.

Deliver More Resourceful Responses

A social CRM enables you to make your presence felt in social media through resourceful responses. Generally, people are likely to follow a page which is likable and understands the audience perspective.

The social CRM platform lets you resourcefully respond to every client request. You can also afford the time to come up with a quirky response that may get liked or re-tweeted. With access to the detailed user database, you can also provide the resourceful response to user queries.

Gain Product Exposure

With the decreasing ability of digital and print media to win customer attention, today brands are releasing their latest products on social media. As customer interest and interactions work as a basic currency of social, you need to think beyond direct monetary investment.

Associated with a product release, brands usually invest in promoting their social page and PR activity. Both of these come with limited shelf life and audience reach.

Here, Social CRM creates a more organic approach to getting visitors interested in your product. It also ensures that products get exposure to intrusive or over-enthusiastic.

Understand your Customers

Social CRM provides a platform to directly interact and communicate with your core customers. It helps you acquire direct customer feedback, avoiding any potential distortion through 3rd party customer study. It also delivers a peek into the latest trends and interest among your core user base. It will also allow you to increase your brand’s organic appeal.

We can rightly guess that you want to excel in Social Media as almost 95% of businesses are trying to exactly do that.

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