integrate social crm platform

3 Proofs That Will Make You Integrate Social CRM Platform

integrate social crm platform

Most businessmen are skeptical in nature. With the dangling of multiple bogus products and shady deals, any new technology or modifications are viewed with a high degree of skepticism.

Be it persuasion or convincing, most businesses wait for long before adopting a new technology. Often a business needs undeniable proofs that allow businesses to make the right decision.

Rather than data, businessmen often tend to play favor to arguments depending on data, which makes them light and interesting.

These could be the proofs that your business could be waiting for.

Social CRM and SEO

Modern SEO is tightly linked with your number of social media followers and relative interactions. It acts as a sign of vote for your business with your prospects.

Social Media Increases Indexing Rate by 50% –

The indexing rate refers to Google’s preference to visit and index your website. Active social interactions help you increase your indexing rate by up to 50%. The increased index rate lets you increase website visibility and makes your website visible across the internet spectrum.

Builds Authenticity –

Social media helps you collect customer opinion and mentions. This increases your brand’s authenticity, which can increase sales by up to 23.87%.

Social Affects Ranking –

Your social media presence is the deciding factor for determining your website ranking, even up to 5.5%.

Reaching and Expanding your Target Audience

Today social media plays a role in majority’s buying decisions at varying proportions. As you use social media to interact and engage with your audience-base, it provides a better way to reach and engage with your customers.

Be Present and be Researched –

According to research almost 56% of your audience utilizes Facebook to sway individual decision making. With having an active social media presence, your users can recommend your products to their friends.

Winning Consumer Trust –

In today’s market, consumer reviews are a beacon of trust and reliability. But winning consumer reviews don’t pop-out randomly. It comes with long-standing brand relationships that finally become consumer trust.

Increasing your Circle of Reach –

As users with similar interests tend to flock together in social media, having an active social approach increases your reach and flexibility. It involves having a better social reach across your user-base.

Having Customer Conversations

Today the main purpose of the marketing department is creating customer interest and possible conversations.

Having Productive Social Profiles –

According to research, only 14% of users trust advertising compared to the 78% of audience trusting social media reviews and recommendations. Today social media comes as a more productive way of advertising.

Time for Conversations –

According to recent research, tabbing between multiple platforms, decreases productivity and increases brain aging. Platform integration gives you a better way of managing each conversation.

Simply put, a Social CRM provides an effective way for managing and achieving maximum result in your social media obligations.

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