Social CRM Frontier For Customer Service

Social CRM Frontier For Customer Service

For marketers all over the world, the customers’ social media activity has always been a source of intrigue, owing to the fact that until recently, it was not easily trackable or measurable. Fortunately, the social media tools and strategies available today have eliminated such problems and made it easier to plan and improve a firm’s social media campaigns for better customer service and engagement. Therefore, it would be interesting to get a brief overview of…

5 ways your brand will benefit by implementing social CRM

Today, all brands and businesses strive to build rock-solid social media profiles. Most companies have dedicated teams to manage their social presence, and their job is to keep social media buzzing with activities. Having the right people equipped with right tools greatly increases the reach and appeal of your efforts. Here are five ways in which a social CRM can be beneficial for your business. Increase your social Media Interactions During last couple of years,…

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