Five Myths Concerning Business CRM Debunked

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Under stringent competition, businesses need to adapt the latest and most impactful technology. In certain situations, businesses can also become overzealous about being the earliest adaptors of technology.  This has created a demand for technological innovations, which can easily get misplaced with wrong providers.

And resultantly, businesses are becoming increasingly apprehensive about investing in new technology. With facts in place, this rings true with buying Cloud-based CRM software too.

Here are five myths concerning business CRM software, which we are now debunking in this article.

1. Gives Inaccurate Performance Indicators

All businesses are used to follow their own specific performance indicators. Some business owners fear that reviewing inaccurate CRM-based indicators may distance them from the ground reality.

In reality,  a CRM software integrates and measures multiple performance indicators. As you receive instant updates, you can also get a better sense of ground level performance.

2. Automation Kills Personal Relationships

Most businesses need to create personal relationships; some businesses are built on long-term client loyalty and engagement. We all have met businessmen who take pride in remembering client details.

With a cloud-based CRM software, you can access and preview complete customer information. It enables you to build and manage long-term customer relationships. With smart application, CRM becomes an enabler of business relations.

3. It’s Economical to Create a CRM API

Rather unsavory to consider, the CRM software is costly when compared to any other desktop software. You may think that it’s more feasible to hire a developer to create a custom API.

But, a primitive CRM version will do more harm than good in the long run. As you plan and execute your daily activities on a CRM, you cannot afford system bugs or shortage of resource. Otherwise, they will lead to loss of man-hours and lead inefficient processes.

When you are not handling larger information volume, it simply slows-down your daily process. Similarly, your server rents and maintenance charges could easily get overrun

4. Losing Control of Data and Confidentiality

Most businesses are bothered about the idea of an outside entity controlling your data. In the age where decisions are made on data insights, confidentially of data carries prime importance. There also have been situations where data was being practically held hostage for package upgrades or storage purchase.

The CRM Industry is known to follow highly ethical practices regarding business data management. The cloud integration can turn failure into a successful aspect of your business.

5. CRM is just a trend

‘Successful businessmen don’t fall prey to trends.’  This, we said ourselves.

In practicality, the CRM shall have a much higher level of application in your business than just being a fad.

This enables you to combine and manage online and offline operations of your business. According to a study, almost 91% of all businesses with more than 11 employees are utilizing a CRM-based system. This trend is expected to continue its upward projectile.

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