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Almost all service and sales professionals occasionally face the following dilemma.

As you are trying to successfully reproduce your most well-rehearsed sales pitch, your prospect’s attention seems to veer off in multiple directions. They could be frequently glancing their smart phones or a passer-by suddenly becomes incredibly interesting.

Simply put, the prospect seems to be minimally interested in your sales pitch. At the same time, some other sales professionals are able to achieve unflinching prospect attention when they pitch to their audience. Traditionally, these people have been evaluated as exceptional sales professionals.

These five tips will enable you to gain and keep 100% prospect attention during the duration of a client meeting. Needless to say, this will also increase your sales turnover.

Get them committed before your start

During the olden days, Shakespearean drama was centered on conversations. Without microphones and loudspeakers, it required audience attention and silence for the words to be audible. In short, they were required to be completely attentive to the stage.

This was achieved through getting the audience committed well-before the significant story parts commenced. In other words, the drama was not used to commit the audience. Already wrapped in attention, the audiences were able to absorb the full impact of the drama.

You can apply the sample principle in your sales pitch presentation. Instead of trying to catch attention through your pitch, you need to win and hold customer attention before-hand. This could be achieved by using prospect name or candidacy or directly appealing to them. As people tend to subconsciously listen to their names, this will ensure that your prospects are mentally present during the entire span of your pitch.

Provide an initial USP in the Beginning

In a recent research study, the prospect attention was roughly shaped like a flat-topped V-curve. It is the highest in the initial stage, then gradually comes down to pick-up in the final stage.

Most artists have utilized this method. For example, a stand-up comedian will start with his best joke and end with his second best joke.

Likewise, you need to make best use of the initial moment when your prospect’s attention is at its peak. Also ensure that your information transitions are smooth.

Include Graphical Demonstrations

In the busy world of direct selling, a graphical demonstration can convey more than a thousand words. It lets you demonstrate a connection between multiple parts and possibilities. This also enables you to fit-in facts and figures, rather than solely depending on flowery language.

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