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If you are browsing through any CRM blog or talking to a CRM sales guy, the word Social CRM would randomly pop-up throughout the conversation or within first scroll-downs of your mouse.

All the marketers and businessmen have been duly apt at inventing new buzzwords and new arguments for selling a product. In hindsight, it doesn’t usually come with adequate real world relevance.

When a new word comes along, it can take years for the industry to convert it into a reliable industry standard or have it as an addition to business advertising dictionary.

In most of the cases, a feature becomes a rage for business, by gradually fading into oblivion over coming years.

If you don’t want to invest hard money and time on a particular feature, it certainly requires in-depth analysis about its practical applicability and usability.

Social Media is here to stay…For Sure

Even when the dynamics of web act on it to change its form and structure, social media is sure to stay intact for at least next ten years. Meanwhile, people will continue to keep it as a primary mode of communication with friends and businesses.

As the relevance of social CRM concerns with reaching and managing clients, social CRM will continue its relevance in coming years.

In the coming years, social media will keep evolving adding multiple facets and creating new ways to be included in its daily usage. For example, it could turn into a medium of search and become the most favorable medium of search.

This allows you to reach a large customer base and impact the user-base of a particular social platform. Even as social CRM tools remain applicable for various businesses models, getting clients to agree could turn into a pressure pipe.

Role of Social CRM in daily business

The word ‘social’ concerns with daily on-going activities, the word social CRM also carries similar connotation in business circumstances.

One needs a social CRM to be easily applicable in day to day circumstances. It should be easily accessible without causing any hindrance to your way of operations. This is where the idea of social media integration and dashboard unification comes into play.

It allows you to manage your social media obligations such as comments, replies, and requests through a single interface. As social CRM applies to its general role in daily life, having the right approach filter for your business application is sacrosanct.

Social CRM tools will Evolve

As any other industry, social CRM tools will see continued evolution in coming years. Today the advanced CRM is able to receive feeds and post returns through a unified dashboard. And this makes CRM an act of collaboration between different teams.

Tomorrow’s social CRM could have many interesting features such as advanced customer outreach strategies and optimal review aggregation system. It’s indeed time to brace for sudden advancements in CRM technology of the future.

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