CRM service Tools

Top 5 service CRM tools for better management of customer database

CRM service Tools

In his groundbreaking book ‘Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell describes tipping point as the point of turnaround, when everything achieved up-to that point cascades into a success. Usually, this success is greater than the sum of the combination of its ingredients. But before achieving the tipping point, you should be trying and influence different factors that could potentially contribute towards your final goal.

You can apply the same principle towards building a satisfied customer base. For this, you need to have sustained and repeated quality customer exchanges leading to the highest quality for your service team members.

Kapture service CRM combines multiple tools and features that help you address and improve upon the various factors influencing your service quality. This enables you to systematically elevate and improve upon diverse service metrics.

Ticket and Tag Each Issue for Timely Resolutions

The stacking of issues and lack of clear assignments are frequent hindrances to quality customer service. The CRM ticketing software can instantly resolve both these problems. A top-down ticketing system lets you assign and distribute incoming customer queries and complaints to the concerned team without unnecessary delays.

Each ticket involves creating a detailed profile that consists of information relating to particular queries.

At first glance, this gives you a direct overview of the issue.

Customer Service Tools

Afterward, you could learn about all the steps taken up to that point through a brief snippet.

crm servicing features

This allows concerned service personnel to process each ticket with availing assigned data or reassign tickets to a particular team member with better technical proficiency.

When combined with Kapture mobile CRM ticketing, it also ensures that all resolutions are achieved within a concerned time span.

Maintain Customer Profiles and Customer History

When ticketing management gives you a complete picture of individual complaints, a customer profile can give you a picture of ongoing customer interactions. This helps you develop an overall thread of history regarding customer issues, along with assigning the sales or service representative to handle those interactions.

Customer Profiles can also be a comprehensive form of customer contact that includes all related user information.

Customizations that enable Better Process Handling

Multiple studies have repeatedly proven that the speed of customer service is an important quality metric. As you keep your customers waiting, it depreciates your ability to satisfy the customer or achieve the right resolutions. In another sense, it’s important to get the ball moving at the earliest.

For this, you need to be able to integrate multiple chats, email, and phone calls service platforms to a single interface. This enables you to have easy access and integration with different telephony and chat API’s.


Kapture CRM call integration also enables you to manage calls between different service teams.

Easy Acquisition of Technical Knowledge or specific Resolutions

Having the ability to provide only dried-and-tied answers is a frequently raised complaint about inept service teams. In these circumstances, service teams often get degraded to the role of information transmitters rather than providing actionable solutions.

The CRM platform integration helps you resolve this issue in two independent ways. The service professional can send tickets to concerned technical personnel. Alternatively, the relevant answers could be retrieved from a single cloud database.

Both these process help you accelerate your speed of acquisition of relevant solutions.

 Automated or Manual Customer Outreach

As per modern customer psychology, customer engagement is the key to customer retention. Before achieving customer engagement, you need a plan and organize timely communication streams.

This allows you to differentiate and segment customers based on relevant user data. This segregation also makes it easier to tailor messages and communication through a single platform. Although not directly coordinated with issue resolution, this process helps you increase the speed and proficiency of managing issues.


Today, customer service is about achieving definite resolutions for incoming customer queries within the prescribed time and resource limitations. Kapture service CRM software optimizes multiple aspects of your daily service management that collectively derive a better way of managing customer issues.

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