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Five Critical ways sales tracking software provides irreplaceable business utility?

Sales tracking software

As per one of the most popular advice from sales universe ‘Opportunity waits for no-one’. For an age-old saying, this can’t be more reflective of a modern sales scenario.

Sales tracking software combines multiple sales duties and directs each activity along its most efficient path. It provides a direct and straightforward means of competing and acquiring customer deals.

Why you need Sales Tracking and Management?

According to a Forrester research, almost a million sales employee jobs could be snatched away by E-commerce enterprises by the year 2020. Moreover, businesses also acquire higher profit margins through E-commerce channels, making it an instant priority among businesses.

In this situation, sales employees should be proving that they are irreplaceable. This means that employees should be able to justify their existence through providing additional value and custom benefits.

This leaves a requirement for a much more coordinated and concise approach to sales and process management.

Sales Tracking System – Implementation and Utilization

Sales tracking system accurately tracks your employee location across the urban geography.

With Kapture CRM, a GPS-enabled Mobile CRM app retrieves and reports employee location across the City. In Practicality, this means that the employee position at any time gets updated on a central CRM dashboard (map).

As these reports are tethered to Live GPS tracking, you instantaneously learn employee position across the terrain.

Bundled with a set of custom CRM-based features, you could further expand the utility and significance of your daily processes.

Further, all these could be integrated to create a new way of managing your daily sales processes.

Maximize Time expenditure on each Meeting

According to CSO Insights, field executives spent only one third of their actual time on selling. The rest of the time gets expended on internal communications and transits. In other words, simply increasing the number of meetings can increase the sales output.

By means of integrating process on daily transits and pending customer meetings, you can uncover new opportunities for possible prospect meetings. It also enables you to dramatically increase the number of meetings.

Sales tracking system

In other words, by simply plotting potential client meetings across geography, you could simply superimpose with an existing employee location to uncover new opportunities.

With CRM-based management, you can also change time allocated to each employee on each corresponding duty. This also enables you to keep a steady track of each employee contribution.

Arrange Meeting patterns and Team Coordination

By reading current location, you can plot employee transit routes across geography. It helps you to arrange possible meetings, according to the current location and current customer statuses.

With CRM, you can also combine multiple facets of employee transits and meeting arrangements. It allows you to instantly consider multiple facets at arranging each meeting – employee transit, employee proficiency or specialization, transit spots etc…

Foster Communication between Teams and Departments

In most situations, the manager’s point-of-contact with his field executives is limited to a few morning and evening meetings. Often, this gets dedicated to dissecting on sales reports and criticizing performances. This process minimizes opportunities for productive conversations that could improve output.

With combining sales tracking and mobile live reports, you could evaluate each employee during their workday. By positioning each sales employee along their information about latest performances, you could provoke more productive conversations.

Further, you can also update performances to a unified dashboard. This also lets you assign new meetings that come with better data about live performances.

Increase data sharing and data management utility

By infusing data into your modern sales activities, you could potentially substitute dependency on direct customer face-to-face relationship.

With managing a cloud-based log sheet, you could learn all previous customer developments through a single dashboard.

Sales tracking app

With CRM knowledge management, you could be assured that all previous lead and prospect relations are always reordered and accessible.

This gives a better utility for your on-going customer relationships.

Make your employees center of activity

With executing location-based employee prioritization, you can make your sales activities centered on individuals. This process ensures that your client meetings get to attend at the earliest.

It also concurrently maximizes your number of customer meetings. According to a research, productive outputs are mostly occurring after the fourth meeting.

Collectively increase your sales output

In most practical situation, better sales performances are generated through collective team efforts rather individual outputs.

Live tracking and ticketing makes your inter-term communications easier and straight-forward.

It also allows managers to provide better live information to their ground level teams. It allows you to build collaboration and team performances.

Usually, the life of a sales employee is laid with excess pressure and tension. Sales tracking software ensure that the excess pressure occurs for the right reason.

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