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CRM Sales Lead Application

For most businesses, sales and leads are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes they could even be indistinguishable from each other…

But obviously, acquiring a lead is just one step in the journey of acquiring a customer. Further, you need to evaluate the value and suitability of the particular prospect for your business.

Why you need to Channel Lead to Sales Transfer?

In the same breath, a different part of the company carries different interpretations on the meaning of a lead. For a sales team, it’s limited to high value prospects genuinely looking to make a purchase.

For a marketing team, it refers to all incoming queries and prospect calls.

Often, this different interpretation of leads could result in friction between sales and marketing teams.

By integrating lead to sales teams, you can configure a well-articulated process chain for transferring leads to sales. Under this, all the leads generated by your marketing team get updated on a common dashboard.

In future, a simple manual overview will result at recognizing the value of each lead. This involves channeling leads to their appropriate channels.

This delivers a list of high-value and excuse-proof prospects to your customers.

On short-notice, your sales team could start working on these pre-screened customer contacts. This process avoids you to avoid the blitz-and-burn associated with providing unprocessed leads.

With this, your lead processing could be more than just receiving leads at one-end and handing them over to the sales team at the other end.

By streamlining leads through CRM, you can view, process and store each lead on a single platform. This lets you provide the right response for each lead at any point of progress along the lead funnel.

Make a More Logical sales Pitch

Data + Negotiation = Logic

Some sales people wrongly assume that their verbosity alone could result in acquiring customers and melting customer objections.

Often, this approach backfires. In other times, this brings along customers with over expectations, which could be tough to meet. This in-turn results in unsatisfied customers.

By using CRM software, you can understand your customer’s requirements to provide the right response for every lead. You can infuse data-oriented arguments into your ongoing sales negotiations, creating better outputs.

Comprehend and Categorize Customer Contacts

With CRM sales application, your prospect handover can go beyond just primary contact details. This can include any number of relevant parameters that helps you readily recognize and categorize each prospect. Further, you filter this contact list to create a smarter and direct sales approach.

For example, consider that you are selling in a high investment industry. You could communicate prospects based-on a number of parameters – budget, customer expectation or some other custom parameters. All these enable you to hinge your customers on a high-value approach.

Initiate Feedbacks and Flagging on Each Feedback

Ultimately, the aim of sales and marketing teams is landing more clients while increasing profit margins. CRM sales-lead management tool realizes a two-way feedback mechanism to manage customer feedbacks.

This enables you to collect direct feedback for every incoming lead. This allows you to filter out less-worthy marketing practices over more sustainable ones.

This gives you better direction at managing aligning marketing operations to enable prospect acquisition.

Having to align your lead and sales operations are just a primary step at managing your business operations. Learn more with us @ +91-7899887755 or! Also sign-up for a free demo or start a 30 day no credit card free CRM trial!



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